I can not put my task bar on the bottom of my [Solved/Closed]

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The other day I hit my taskbar with my mouse and I moved my yaskbar to the right side of my computer.
And I can not put it back on the bottom of my screen how can I put it back, thank's?
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Click your left mouse button the the Task Bar and hold it down. How drag the Task Bar to the bottom of the screen and release the mouse button.

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i must say you computer geeks are great.... thanks for the knowledge
It happend to me task works fine but we get used to it bottom of desktop, so I googled it to find a solution and found it your answer, Thank you very much
thank you - problem solved!!
THX everybody else wants to do six steps, I knew there was a way with only one
Thank you very much
Thank you
how do I get my icons back on the bottom
Thank you
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/253679#FixItForMeAlways click fix it andtry downloading this it fixed it for me and its with microsoft so it cant be a virus
Thank you lane.. the link work perfectly
Thank you
Ice Lindsey, Did you Click the left or the right mouse button?
Because It is possible to get those buttons mixed up,
I--I U I--I

It's this one ---> I--I U I--I
Be careful.
Thank you
Thanks I came her for an anwer to the same prob

IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you
I tried your suggestion of left clicking on the task bar, nothing happened, I palaced the curser all over the task bar, left clicked, still would not drag????? Help, I hate it in the position at the right hand side of the window.
so I read my help and support thing on my pc and it said put the mouse on the blank part of your start up thing that was on the bottem or whereever, grab it on the blank part and drag it like your polling something and drag it to the corrner you want it then release. moniter > _______
| ||< here your start up thing is here
| || <here
drag to this corrner>-----------
then release
omg thanks <3
Look, if its windows 7 then RIGHT click the start icon. Then Properties and Open Windows Internet Exploresr come out. Click properties. Then Taskbar Start Menu and Toolbars come out. Click on Taskbar, then a menu should appear. Click where it says: Taskbar Buttons: and put Bottom. Then put apply. That's it!
@Windows Support 07
Thank you
thanks soooooo much I got it
Thank you
right click the mouse button
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thxxx soo mucccj
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Thanks so much xpcman... :)
Its such a great help 2 evryone whoz into this trouble!
Take care
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