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Dear Sir,
I formatted my laptop sonyvaio vgn-cr35g/l and when I finished I found out that the follow could not operate very well, and I cannot even browse so that I could logon to internet and download their drivers . PCI Modem, PCI device
Please Sir, I will much obliged and grateful if you could send me links to download the drivers of these softwares I have listed above so that I can run it in my laptop and for it to come back to its normality.
Thanks in anticipation.
Yours truely,
Deepak mehta

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pls sir I formated my dell inspiron 1300 model me051 but after my sound is not working and my pci. pls help me
Thank you

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Go on sony support website : https://www.sony.com/electronics/support
Choose your model and you will find the drivers for windows XP, download and install them. After that, reboot your computer and verify if all is all right.
Best regards
same here my pci device driver doesnt work there is a ? next to it and my audio doesnt work
ugh I have the same problem but my dad is a computer tech so as soon as he gets home ill let u know how!