My HP tx2000 will not turn back on

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Hello, I have a problem with my HP TX2000. It was on and all of a sudden it shut down on its own. Before shutting down it read something like this, "there has been an error detected with the hardware, if this is the first time you have seen this, restart your computer." So when it shut down I tried to turn it back on. However, when I did so, it would not turn on. Instead, the lights would light up for (literally) a second and just turn off. I would not even hear the system running. I tried callig HP support, but they told me that there is not much to do for now because my warranty just expired 82 days ago. Also, they said that it may be my mother board that needs replacing. This is really frustrating considering the fact that my laptop just a little bit over a year old. Please if there is anyone that can help me get my laptop to turn on, please help me. There are major homework assignments that I have in it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME, SOMEONE......

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Okay, I have tried a lot of these things and the simplest one worked. I found a video on Youtube... I have the HP Pavillion tx2000 tablet pad. This is not a guess... I have talked to HP and a billion people on line that are having this same problem. I fixed mine, even if temporarily, not ten minutes ago and it is working right now. The Nividia chip is not seating properly so with the computer off press the palm of your fist (as if giving CPR) against the J, K, L, area of the keyboard... press HARD and power up at the same time. I PROMISE you this works. I am sure it is short term but it PROVES that this is NOT a windows issue but rather a hardware issue. As the computer warms up the chip comes away from the board. DO THIS NOW and save yourself a lot of time and money. I plan on taking mine to a local repair shop now and having them make a more lasting repair to the connection. I saw people on YouTube soldering and cooking the board but I would not recommend that. A guy from the UK brilliantly drilled a hole in his and inserted a bolt that put constant pressure on the Nividia chip and solved the problem for good. I thank everyone for their ideas and all because the research all lead me to a real solution.
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I have a TX2000, and have been having video problems for several months now. The screen goes black for a few seconds, and then comes back and I get the message 'the graphical driver has recovered from an error' . Also, perhaps 20% of the time that I boot up, I get the situation where the screen is black, but the lights on the computer indicate it is booting normally. Even the hard drive is active.

Another issue is that hibernating will often cause the computer to stay on, with the fan continuously running. So, rather than saving the power like I intended, it drains the battery.

In my calls to tech support, they say it is a software problem, and they want me to restore to some past point. I imagine that I should just do so, and then if the video problem is still there, it will prove it is hardware related.

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"that is a software problem, update the bios, update the driver" that is HP bullshit to get away. Don't loose any time with those tech support dummies. do one of the following as I indicated in a previous post:
1) file a complaint to BBB ( [this is very easy]
2) Call "Case Manager on the Hewlett Packard US" at 1-877-917-4380 Extension # 93 to speak with Dawn (seems like a codename) email
impotant: demand a Case number. If they receive enough complains they will be forced to compensate us.
HOLY MOLY! I just tried that and it worked for me. I am an IT professional and I had my doubts, but before taking it apart I decided to give it a go. And Voila! I just needed to get some photos off of it before I retire it and move to my new MacBook. Anyway, thanks so much.
this really works, thanks
Same thing happened to mine just now. This laptop was fast, but hot and the fact that this has happened to myself, my friends and so many other customers without any word or recall from HP is enough to keep me away from HP forever.
Exactly the same problem here, HP TX2000 (TX2110us) starts for 1 second, light ons, then everything off, bought 04/03/2008, broke 08/23/2009. I will never buy an HP laptop again.
that is so funny because I bought my laptop just around the same time you did.
I have exactly the same problem, HP TX2000 starts for a second, light ons, then everything goes off. Started acting weird about a month ago and now this. What a waste!! I will NEVER buy an HP again!
it is me again. two things:
1) since I did my fix (see above) several weeks ago, the computer has been running well, as usual it shutdowns if it gets too hot after very intensive use but otherwise it is running well.
2) for the people that say is a Windows/Bios upgrade: it is not, it is a purely hardware problem that was fixed after cooking the motherboard. The 'upgrade' thing is some B.S. that HP is trying to make us believe, (it is the best way they have to get you out of the chat support: "upgrade your bios that should fix your problem", and by the way once your chip is burned you can not apply the upgrade because the computer doesn't boot at all).
actually the bios upgrade worked brilliantly when this problem was created by Vista SP1 the first time around.
The problem is a recent windows update is causing a similar issue which there is no bios update for.

Granted you may be dealing with a heat issue, heat is most certainly not a factor with the situation I am dealing with.. and likely for those who are dealing with a shutdown in mid-august it is related the a Vista update.

For those dealing with the bios issue, you can get the computer to come back on successfully (and run for days without heat issues) by simply disconnecting the power, the battery, and holding the on button for a few seconds.

Again the problem I believe most people are seeing is not related to heat causing a shut down, but in some cases when attempting to start or restart the computer, all of the lights come on normally.. the fans start up, but the monitor remains black and the fans stop with no error lights.
> otterball
my tx2000 too got the problem with the turns on nicely,lights are on nd the fan is working.but the display wont show up.then got into a livechat with them.they told about upgrading BIOS .i did d same.but no use.then I dismounted d battery nd mounted it again.didnt work.
then I tried using a new battery nd its now working without any problm.i dont know if its d perfect solution.but its working..may ur battery is not charging correctly.
Sorry, I forgot to mention that I never used Vista or XP in this machine (except for the first two days and for applying the bios upgrade), I always used Linux Ubuntu.
The trick to get mine started is: first the the dvd drive out, smack it back in with a little force, then do the same with the battery.

Works like a charm. I guess its faulty connections...
Solved on my end.

If your tx2000 model is failing to start up after hibernation or sleep it may be because of your video drivers. The symptoms of the problem will look like this: The screen won't come up and will be black prior to the bios logo. The lights and fan may come on, or in some instances the they come on for a second before the computer speakers click and the computer shuts back down. Persistence and perhaps the battery trick may help to get your laptop back on.

To fix it download the original video drivers from the HP site and do not use the drivers recommended by windows update for your video card. The new drivers do not support the S3 and S4 ACPI correctly. This problem is also discussed on other linux messageboards talking about various drivers for this laptop. It turns out that their solution works here as well.

Some of you may be dealing with heat issues, but if you have newer video drivers than Nov 2007, I'd recommend reverting to older drivers to see if this fixes the problem on your end like it did on mine.
I'm not sure what to make of your post. Video drivers are loaded by the OS. They have nothing to do with the initial POST and bios operations. If you cannot boot your computer, you cannot install video drivers. I appreciate you trying to help, but don't muddy the issue with a completely unrelated problem.

The problem is the lead solder used on Nvidia GPUs cracks due to heat stress. It is a faulty hardware issue.
Had problems a few months ago with my tx2000(tx2110us) too. I bought it june 2008 and started acting weird feb 2009. About 2 month before my warranty ended, I encountered blue screens several times in a day right after booting. I brought it to HP service center numerous times because it seemed like they were not able to isolate the real cause of the problem. They said they replaced the memory on my first visit, harddisk next, then bluetooth, and lastly the motherboard. HP service center had my laptop for more than a month and not able to totally fix it. They managed to make it work but the operation became so slow and would still have blue screens. I waited for them to replace it with a new unit but it never happened. I had no choice but to get it so I could at least make use of it for its last days. Now, 5 months later, my laptop is stuck in welcome screen with a few important files trapped in it. I can't do a factory reset unless I could make a copy of those files. I WILL NEVER BUY AN HP LAPTOP AGAIN. Its just like buying a piece of junk worth $1000+.
Guys. I believe I have fixed the problem.

I downloaded a copy of vista from isohunt and used my license on my laptop.
Downloaded all the drivers from and installed them manually.

My laptop hasnt acted up and is stable. Doesnt shut down and freeze. It is fast again and I can open and close programs easily without having a "NOT RESPONDING" sign.

I believe it is the vista that comes with the laptop that isnt stable. Try it. I just want to share this with all of you. I am just happy to be able to finally use this laptop again after 4 months of figuring out.

There is a copy of vista in
I had the exact same problem. My husband researched online and found the information provided in one of these responses (#5 ALFC) worked perfectly.

We were really skeptical that we'd be able to follow the directions and get my laptop to work, since we have never opened up a laptop before. After a quick trip to Radio Shack to get the thermal compound, it took us a couple of hours, but we managed to follow a couple of YouTube videos showing step-by-step instructions without mishap. I'm happy to say my laptop is now working just fine!

A couple of tips:

1) Be sure to make notes to identify which screws go where. It took us a while after we were finished to figure all of them out.

2) For those "technically challenged" folks, you might have better luck following this step-by-step video to make sure you remove all the components properly:

Good luck!
Thats so strange I have the same computer (Tx2000) and My computer started acting up last weekas well. I am 2 months past the 1 year mark and the screen blacked out while I was using it. I tried to restart the comp and it wouldnt boot up. After re-trying to boot it several times it finally worked. Now if I restart the comp it wont loot anything but a black screen. Its almost like the harddrive is not functioning properly but I really dont understand why it takes 20 times of restarting it manually for it to load up. Very frustrated with this computer... why did it fail 2 months past warranty?
I was also 2 months past my warranty. I was reading other forums and I read many forums/ blogs that says that hp laptops begin to break just after the warranty ended. It makes me so mad thinking that I have taken good care of my laptop and I just breaks a year after getting it for no reason. Anyways, I took it to the computer technician and they said that the best thing to do is to send it back to hp to get it fixed. Also, it may the motherboard that is broken and being from Guam, there are no parts here on island. Please let me know if you are able to get yours fixed and how....
I am just wondering if installing windows 7 will help solve the problem? I wouldnt want to spend that much for an OS if it wont work. It is scary that people are having problems with the tx2000 at the same time in August and September. My friend in Boston has a tx2000 as well and we were surprised to have the same problem at the same day. Now, I believe that it happened all at the same time for us which means that the model is a walking timebomb with a detonation switch.