HP dv2700 "Blank Screen"

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Hello everyone,

I had this HP dv2700 laptop since 2008. It's been working well ever since, though it heats up really fast and the fan in the back spins irregularly (without a constant speed). Yesterday, I turned my laptop on, and the screen remained completely blank. The power button and the keyboard light up, but nothing is on the screen.

Can please someone tell me what's going on, and how I can fix this problem? Are other HP dv2700 users having the same problem. This symptom seems to be common among other dv2xxx's and dv6xxx's, but whatever reason this model that I have isn't covered by HP Warranty Enhancement Program. :/

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I have actually got the solution and repaired it , it is given and expalined in detail at the following link

Dead link, takes you to spam website
y u no work
I have same problem to
Click Device Manager, click Display, click Nvidia, click uninstall.
Place laptop cooling fan directly at the air inlet section of your laptop.
And your laptop is good to go.
how to click device Manager if your Screen Goes Blank and blank and blank hahaha
u use an hdmi cable n connect it to ure tv
what if even if you connect it to the TV it still doesnt work
Plug in HDMI, turn on both TV and Laptop, press Function + F4 a few times to change display.
Please don't do the towel trick. It could really mess up your computer. Before you go and spend a bunch of money on new boards and re-flowing, try this-
Pull your battery out and unplug the power cable.
Hold the power button down for about 20 seconds to discharge any power left in the capacitors.
Plug the power in.
Start the computer.
Select start windows normally. You should see your screen again.
This is known as a hard reset. And is a known fix on HP's web site.
This is a software issue related to a corrupt sleep/hibernation mode.
So, now go into your control panel and power management. change all sleep/hibernation modes to never so you don't have this problem anymore.
Remember that now you will have to shut down the computer before you close the lid. Also, notice that part of the towel trick is a hard reset.
Hope this helps.

Also, a simple way to test your video card is to connect your laptop to an external monitor. Once connected and turned on hold down the function key(FN) and hit F4(has monitor icon) 2 or 3 times to cycle through external monitor modes. Wait a few minutes and your desktop should appear on the external screen. If not try cycling through the function key again. If this works then it is not your video card hardware that's the problem, it's a software problem.
Jul 27, 2009 at 10:00 PM
Actually what you all have is probably the nVidia graphics card. 8600M GS, these cards are manufacturing defects and suffer from Overheating which ultimately leads to failure. I myself have the dv2700 and randomly the screen would go blank. I would have to hardshut the computer or reboot in some way to get the screen back. However I've read up on it and sooner or later the GPU will just fail all together.

this site: https://www.hplies.com/

Shows some information on certain nVidia graphics cards that are also affected. As well helping you get your laptop repaired. Goodluck in getting it fixed!

I repeat, this is a defect caused by your Graphics card from nVidia!!
Annoyed hp Nvidia user
Jan 26, 2010 at 01:48 AM
Yes Totally Agree my dv 2700 did the same thing to me, love the computer but pitty the components wern't so are user friendly any how mine completely died on me the other day so the cost of fixing it wouldn't be worth the trouble as the warrenty has expired @#!$@*!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I just added my laptop serial numbers to that site, every symptom other users describe is identical to mine. What a hopeless company HP is.

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I have never posted anywhere before, but this was so amazing I had to share it. This is just a trick I saw online and IT WORKED FOR ME 100%. My system had been dead (no screen) for about 2 weeks and I had already bought another laptop (Vaio this time) but I still cudnt just see my old HP just lying there...so I kept searching online and I came across this trick,

Turn ur laptop off
take out the hard disk
take out the battery
put the power cable in
open the screen/lid
turn it on and wrap the laptop from all sides ina blanket
leave it till it overheats and shuts down
wait for 20 minutes till it cools off
put back hard disk, battery
turn it on
VIOLA!!!! it works!!!

IT WAS AMZAINGGGGGGG!!! the trick behind this is that the GPU gets so hot that it melts the crap solder or something and resolders it self as it was..or something...i dont care abt the physics of it but its worth a try before sending it for repairs and spending good money on it.

Godd luck every1..
You need to disassemble the laptop to the motherboard and heat up the GPU with a Heat gun to 500-700 degrees F. for approx 4 minutes. Guard everything else on the board with some aluminum foil to prevent melting components. This proceedure re-flows the solder balls in the GPU(Nvidia processor). wait 30 minutes, reassemble!
I have an HP dv2700, and lately the computer starts until about 5 minutes then the screen freezes and random colored lines appear vertically up and down my screen. The screen remains unresponsive. Has anyone had this problem?
me too lina, those colored lines going up and down my screen makes me feel sick... grrrrrrrrrrrr! need help!
ARGH! That just happened to mine, too! It just is completely covered in different lines of color or white with grey lines. I can't even see anything behind the lines anymore either!

I also have hp Pavilion 2700 having same problem . if you find the solution please send me the details.


I had the same problem and what I ended up doing was restoring my computer back to factory. Once that was done I immediately updated all the updates and it has been working fine ever since.
Solution to HP DV2700
Dec 29, 2009 at 11:17 AM
Hi Check your Graphics card, Deactivate the hardware and see .

Go to controll panel, click the hardware settings , click the Device manager and find the Display , deactivate the Graphics card . If it works , replace with a new one .
Solution to HP DV2700
Dec 29, 2009 at 11:17 AM
Hi Check your Graphics card, Deactivate the hardware and see .

Go to controll panel, click the hardware settings , click the Device manager and find the Display , deactivate the Graphics card . If it works , replace with a new one .
I am having the same problem. Just talked to HP customer support, the cost in the US to have it repaired is $398 + taxes, the warranty expired 6 months ago so it's not covered. It's also not covered under EXTENDED WARRANTY because the fault is not on their list of faults.

This is very unfortunate because it's a lovely laptop and I would have loved to use it for a long time. But I am disappointed with HP and absolutely UNWILLING to ever buy their products again. There are clearly recurrent problems with this family of computers, and for some very dubious reason they dont include the "blank screen after switch-on" in their failure list.... so what am I supposed to do, pay another $400 on a computer that cost me $1600 last summer, and expect that the entire $2000 system may fail at some point?

I will NEVER buy another HP product, ever!

I think this is a very temporary fix but it has my laptop working after color distortion / overheating / blank screen.

1) Turn the computer off
2) Tilt the screen until it is at more than a 90 degree angle
3) Pull out the battery (there is a slider at the bottom of the laptop, once it is pulled the battery basically falls out)
4) Charge the laptop without the battery in it for about 10 minutes
5) Take the charger out and press down the power button for about 45 seconds
6) Put the charger in and turn the laptop on.

It's working for me, but I'm too scared to put the battery back in. Also it did have another meltdown about 15 minutes after I turned it on, but it miraculously recovered from that. I think this is just a clear defect with HP computers and I will NEVER be buying another.
Hey folks - I have been through this so I thought I'd offer up some of my experience:

If you do the research - you will find plenty of information about the 8400 and 8600 Nvidia GPU chip solder issues - I have fixed several using the re-flow and penny methods (see the various you tube posts) - but a few have only stayed fixed temporarily. For these, your best bet is to replace the system board (motherboard). You can get one for about $200-$300; not cheap, but some of these DV2700 cost upwards of $1,500, and are not quite obsolete yet - making them cost effective to repair. The HP Service Manual has instructions for removal of the system board, just make sure you double check the part #s, as the HP manual has the #s backwards (!) Having said that, I have installed a UMA board (on-board graphics) in a system that originally had an Nvidia chip, (negating the problem in the future); and the systems tend to run cooler as well - so if you can put up w/on-board graphics solutions it's an option. HP tried to charge me $400.00 for the system board (costs them less than $100.00) and another $300.00 to repair it - which I found reprehensible - that they'd try to make a profit on repairing a known defect. Last HP I'll ever buy - not because they break (everybody's systems fail sometimes) but because they're trying to profit off the repairs.
So my advice is to do plenty of research and watch the You Tube videos on re-flowing the solder, try it, and if it fails, buy a new system board ("refurbished" simply means they've pulled it out of a functioning laptop - and if it's got an Nvidia 8400/8600 GPU you'll probably have the same problem down the road). You can almost always substitute a UMA board for a discrete board, which will run cooler (most of these dv2700s have poor cooling engineering anyway), make your battery last longer and not melt again in the future. It'll drive your webcam, fingerprint reader, streaming videos, etc just fine. "Gaming" might be an issue, but if you're reading this odds are that you're not gaming with it at the moment anyway...

Good luck, and Vaya Con Dios!
I have 2750ee, I don't have exactly the same problem but in my case there are six screens appeer, right from the time my notebook boots, I have done bios updates, system restore, and nvidia drivers update, but no use, I think it is a hardware malfunctioning

I saw your problem, I dont know if you have fixed it. But if you have not, I can tell you that I have the same problem, but I have 4 screens. You have to get your motherboard replaced. Hope that gave answer a answer if you have problems.
i have the same problem dv2700 I fixed it with heat gun reflow for around 10 to 15 seconds of heat on gpu replaced the thermal pad with coper shim and applied the thermal paste on both sides of the shim. now its working fine and I can play games too..
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I have HP Pavailion 2700 CTO and had the same problem and I contacted HP Customer care and they got it repaired for me.

I don't see any reason why it isn't covered by HP warranty.
actually in my case the warranty has expired, and it isn't covered by HP warranty enhancement service

HOw much did HP charge you for changing the display?

I have a dv2700 just 14 mths old same problem.
graphics have died !
I was told to expensive to fix.
Very common problem with HP
Don't buy HP rubbish laptop.
hello pete,

I just got mine repaired. Experienced EXACTLY the same thing. Apparently, the mainboard failed. And I am starting to believe its due to overheating. the problem occured a few weeks after summer when temperature rose to 45 celcius in adelaide.

I got back to malaysia and replaced the mainboard for RM650, approximately AUD$220

and yes, seeing that so many of you guys experienced the same problems with ur laptop, DONT BUY HP LAPTOPS AGAIN ! or if you already have one, get a notebook fan cooler or smth.

hope it helps.
I have the same problem with my hpdv2762tx. my laptop is overheating even I have a cooling pad and it will shutdown atumatically. When I watched any video streaming is will also shutdown. even I updated the nvidia driver it also failed. when I restart it blank or some distorted colors showing to my screen. my laptop is only 1.5 yrs old only and cost 50,000 rupees and I am afraid that it will come to waiste very very soon. I agree to Jeremy.. DONT EVER THINK, AS IN DONT EVER THINK ABOUT BUYING HP LAPTOP!!!!!!!

I have read the many responses here. Most are correct with what to do. I have fixed 100 percent of these systems (DV6000, DV9000) and have not failed again.
You MUST dis-assemble everything and do the reflow for those systems that dont show video but all lights come on.
You will have to do the following;
Clean fan and fan fins, blades and area (must dis-assemble)
after reflow, add arctic silver 5 and copper shims to the GPU, I sell them on eBay under username suthrn1 (but you can do it yourself). You will need 24 ga copper cut at .75 x .75 inch. dont over apply the paste, you only need a small thin transparant layer on the GPU chip.
re-assemble the laptop and turn on.
Once the screen is operational, get online and download the most recent bios and reflash the chip (It would be best to download with another computer prior to turning yours on but the addition of the copper shim will prevent the unit from overheating again (dont forget to remove the little thermal pad on the GPU, if there). The new bios version will set your fan to run at a constant lower speed and wont hurt your system)
For those not comfortable with doing this and are not able to find a salesperson to accomplish this for you at a reasonable fee, I will do the reflow at a very good price. Find me on eBay as suthrn1.
Hope this helps you all out. This is a proven fix. I have a DV9000 running right now after I did the reflow, added the shims and updated the bios. Works like new.
neighborhood john from philly
Apr 20, 2010 at 12:19 AM
Hey folks, here's a compatible part number for dv series laptops listed below which does NOT have an nvidia chip (uses intel graphics). This should be a good swap for those of you with nvidia problems. Most of the dv models are in the compatible list.

EDIT: be sure to check if this board has the same ports as yours!

When searching for a compatible (non-nvidia) swap, the terms 'full-featured' and UMA or SMA (Unified/shared memory architecture) may be helpful.

* Part Number: 417037-001
* Category: HP Compaq Laptop System Boards
* Manufacturer: HP Compaq
* Specifications: De-featured (DF), with Intel 945GM chipset. Processor, Memory and Fan NOT included
* Condition: Refurbished, Tested and Guaranteed to Work Perfectly

HP Pavilion DV2500T MotherBoard 417037-001 compatible with the following Models:

* Compaq Presario V3000 Series
Compaq Presario V3003XX, V3005TU, V3006AU, V3007AU, V3007TU, V3008AU,V3008TU, V3009AU, V3011TU, V3012AU, V3013AU, V3014AU, V3014TU, V3015AU,V3016AU, V3016TU, V3017AU, V3017LA, V3017TU, V3018AU, V3018TU, V3019AU,
* Compaq Presario V3100 Series
Compaq Presario V3143AU, V3144AU, V3146AU, V3147AU, V3165TU, V3173TU,V3175TU, V3176TU, V3177TU, V3178TU, V3179TU, V3180TU, V3181TU, V3185TU,V3186TU, V3187TU, V3188TU, V3189TU, V3190TU, V3191TU, V3192TU, V3100,V3101AU, V3101TU, V3102AU, V3102TU, V3103AU, V3103TU, V3104AU, V3104TU,V3105AU, V3105TU, V3106AU, V3106TU, V3107AU, V3107TU, V3108AU, V3108TU,V3109AU, V3109TU, V3110AU, V3110TU, V3111AU, V3111TU, V3112TU, V3113AU,V3113TU, V3114AU, V3114TU, V3115AU, V3115TU, V3116AU, V3116TU, V3117AU,V3117TU, V3118TU, V3119TU, V3120AU, V3120TU, V3121AU, V3121TU, V3122AU,V3122TU, V3123AU, V3123TU, V3124AU, V3124TU, V3125AU, V3125TU, V3126AU,
* HP Compaq Pavilion DV2000 Series
HP Compaq Pavilion DV2003EA, DV2004EA, DV2004XX, DV2005EA, DV2006EA,DV2007EA, DV2008EA, DV2020EA, DV2025LA, DV2028EA, DV2029EA, DV2030EA,DV2031EA, DV2032EA, DV2034EA, DV2035EA, DV2035LA, DV2036EA, DV2049TU,
* HP Compaq Pavilion DV2100 Series
HP Compaq Pavilion DV2102EU, DV2103EA, DV2104EU, DV2116EA, DV2129EA,DV2130EA, DV2130TX, DV2131TX, DV2132TX, DV2133TX, DV2134TX, DV2135TX,DV2136TX, DV2151EA, DV2160LA, DV2161TX, DV2172EA, DV2173EA, DV2175EA,DV2180EU, DV2190EA, DV2195EU, dv2000T , dv2100, dv2101au, dv2101eu,dv2101tu, dv2000, dv2100 CTO, dv2106eu, dv2109nr, dv2113tu, dv2116wm, dv2119tx,dv2120ca, dv2120us, dv2122tu, dv2124tu, dv2125la, dv2125nr, dv2130br,dv2130us, dv2135br, dv2135la, dv2138xx, dv2140br, dv2145br, dv2156tx,dv2160br, dv2166eu, dv2171ca, dv2171cl, dv2174cl, dv2110rs
* HP Compaq Pavilion DV2200 Series
HP Compaq Pavilion DV2200EA, DV2210EA, DV2211TU, DV2212TU, DV2213TU,DV2214TU, DV2215TU, DV2222LA, DV2225EA, DV2225TX, DV2226EA, DV2226TX,DV2227TX, DV2241EA, DV2245EA, DV2246EA, DV2268EA, dv2200, dv2201TU, dv2160TX,dv2164eu, dv2171ea, dv2185ea, dv2197ea, de2281ea, de2282ea, dv2200 CTO,dv2201ca, dv2202ca, dv2210us, dv2213ca, dv2213cl, dv2214us, dv2220us,dv2221us, dv2225nr, dv2227ea, dv2240br, dv2245br, dv2247br, dv2249br,dv2250br, dv2255br, dv2260br
* HP Compaq Pavilion DV2300 Series
HP Compaq Pavilion dv2300, dv2301tu, dv2301tx, dv2302tu, dv2302tx,dv2303tu, dv2303tx, dv2304tu, dv2304tx, dv2305ea, dv2305tu, dv2305tx,dv2306ea, dv2306tx, dv2307tx, dv2308tx, dv2310us, dv2312us, dv2313ca,dv2313cl, dv2315nr, dv2320us, dv2327ea, dv2336ea, dv2351ea, dv2352ea,dv2363ea, dv2370ea, DV2309TX, DV2348EA, DV2375EA, dv2323ea, dv2324ea,dv2325ea, dv2326ea, dv2335ea, dv2385ea, dv2302AU, dv2303AU, dv2304AU,dv2311tu, dv2301au, dv2305au, dv2306au, dv2306tu, dv2307tu, dv2308tu,dv2309tu, dv2310ca, dv2310tu, dv2310tx, dv2311tx, dv2312tx, dv2313tx,dv2314tx, dv2315tx, dv2315us, dv2316tx, dv2317ca, dv2317us, dv2320la,dv2322la, dv2325la, dv2344ea, dv2354ea, dv2355ea, dv2369ea, dv2383ea,dv2384ea, dv2386ea, dv2395ea, dv2396ea
* HP Compaq Pavilion DV2400 Series
HP Compaq Pavilion DV2418NR, DV2410EP, DV2410ET, DV2415ES, DV2440EZ,dv2420et, dv2400, dv2401tx, dv2403tx, dv2404tx, dv2405tx, dv2406tx,dv2401au, dv2401tu, dv2402au, dv2402ca, dv2402tu, dv2402tx, dv2403au,dv2403tu, dv2404au, dv2404ca, dv2404tu, dv2405au, dv2405tu, dv2406au,dv2406TU, dv2407TU, dv2408ca, dv2408tu, dv2408tx, dv2409tu, dv2409tx,dv2410ca, dv2410ef, dv2410tx, dv2410us, dv2411tx, dv2412ca, dv2412tx,dv2413ca, dv2413cl, dv2413tx, dv2414tx, dv2415nr, dv2415tx, dv2415us,dv2416us, dv2418ca, dv2419us, dv2420ef, dv2420en, dv2420la, dv2420us,dv2422ca, dv2422la, dv2423la, dv2425la, dv2432ca, dv2432nr, dv2407tx
* HP Compaq Pavilion DV2500 Series
HP Compaq Pavilion dv2500, DV2500T, DV2508TX, DV2512TU, DV2513TU,DV2514TU, DV2514TX, DV2515TU, DV2515TX, DV2516TU, DV2516TX, DV2517TU,DV2521TU, DV2531TX, DV2532TX, DV2537TX, DV2545EF, DV2510EB, DV2510EO,DV2515EO, dv2534tx, dv2535la, dv2535tx, dv2536tx, dv2538tx, dv2539tx, dv2540tx,dv2550se, dv2554ea
* HP Compaq Pavilion DV2600 Series
HP Compaq Pavilion DV2600, DV2601AU, DV2601TU, DV2601TX, DV2601XX,DV2602AU, DV2602TU, DV2602TX, DV2603AU, DV2603TU, DV2603TX, DV2604AU,DV2604TU, DV2604TX, DV2605TU, DV2605TX, DV2606TU, DV2606TX, DV2607TU,DV2607TX, DV2608TU, DV2608TX, DV2609TU, DV2609TX, DV2610TU, DV2610TX,DV2611TU, DV2611TX, DV2612TU, DV2612TX, DV2613TU, DV2613TX, DV2614TU,
* HP Compaq Pavilion DV2700 Series
HP Compaq Pavilion DV2700, DV2701TU, DV2701TX, DV2702TU, DV2702TX,DV2703TX, DV2704TX, DV2705TX, dv2700 CTO, dv2702xx, dv2703tu, dv2703xx, dv2753tx, dv2754tx,dv2755es, dv2755tx, dv2756tx, dv2757tx, dv2758tx, dv2759tx, dv2760el,dv2760es, dv2760tx, dv2761tx, dv2762tx, dv2763tx, dv2764tx, dv2765tx,dv2766tx, dv2767tx, dv2770es, dv2775ee, dv2775en, dv2799ea, dv2799ee,dv2799ef, dv2799en, dv2799eo, dv2700tv CTO, dv2700tw CTO, dv2715ca,dv2730et, dv2750ep, dv2760br, dv2765br, dv2768tx, dv2769tx, dv2770br,dv2770tx, dv2771tx, dv2773tx, dv2774tx, dv2775tx, dv2777tx, dv2779tx,dv2780el, dv2781tx
* HP Compaq Pavilion DV2800 Series
HP Compaq Pavilion dv2801tu, dv2801tx, dv2802tx, dv2803tx, dv2804tx,dv2805tx, dv2806tx, dv2807tx, dv2800t CTO, dv2800ty CTO, dv2801au,dv2801tx Artist, dv2802au, dv2802tu, dv2803tu, dv2804ca, dv2804tu,dv2805 CTO, dv2805tu, dv2806tu, dv2807nr, dv2807tu, dv2807tx Artist,dv2808ca, dv2808tu, dv2808tx Artist, dv2809tu, dv2809tx Artist,dv2810ca, dv2810ea, dv2810er, dv2810tu, dv2810tx, dv2810us, dv2811tx,dv2812tx, dv2813tx Verve, dv2814ca, dv2814tx Verve, dv2815ea, dv2815nr,dv2815tx, dv2816tx, dv2817ca, dv2817tx Artist, dv2818ca, dv2818tx,dv2819nr, dv2819tx Artist, dv2820ea, dv2820en, dv2820es, dv2820txVerve, dv2821tx, dv2822tx, dv2823ca,
Frustrated n sad
Apr 24, 2010 at 11:50 AM
Why can't the freaking hp agree that dv 2700 has the same problem .. I experienced the same green lines and after a week complete crash ... I bought it in junu 08 .. Less than 2 years and such a beautiful laptop has crashed ! Shame on hp and it's poor customer service . With so much of competition in the market this is like digging thier own hole before everyone stops buying hp altogether .... I am sure none of us will buy and will not recommend a friend or family to buy hp!! Crap design and pathetic cust support! no more Hp - x
Frustrated n sad
Apr 24, 2010 at 11:53 AM
Anyone knows who can repair this in Sydney ??
Same problem here with my dv2700 laptop. It was working fine although it tended to heat p quickly. Then 2 months ago, it suddenly kept on heating up even more quickly, then it would suddenly shut down. Finally, the monitor displayed multiple erratic screen images although I can still vaguely make out the hp logo on boot up.Then it would suddenly shut down. I brought it to hp service center. It's past the warranty period though and they were charging me the equivalent of $800 to replace the parts including labor. Needless to say, I was so disappointed with the service and the quality of the product. All of my previous laptops were all hp products but I felt really conned with the dv2700. I've now switched to Acer.
my laptop used to have the same problem but took it to this in harare and he told me that fan was blocked with ust coz usuly wen the fan is runing it suck dust and that dust wil
I also facing this same problem.

repair cost supposed to USD 400,

It is not worth to do that hence it since I can buy another new one putting some amount.