Acer Aspire One (Another "Black Screen"!

Lamond - Jul 13, 2009 at 10:50 AM
 Ledgermayne - Jan 5, 2011 at 01:45 AM
My Acer Aspire One (model no.: zg5) is out of's another "Black Screen"..
I can boot my computer so i think there isn't any problem with the BIOS.
But when i enter the operating system (Linux linpux lite), I can only see a mouse and the desktop doesn't show up. There is a black screen besides a small mouse. I can move the mouse, adjust the light of the mon with "fn" key, but i can do nothing.
So how can i fix it?
Thx so much!!!!!!!

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Aug 3, 2009 at 05:09 AM
Hi :)

It might help to try this other forum for proper linux help
as it deals with a huge range of different versions of linux but is dedicated to linux support.

Sorry the most specific help-webpage i could find was the Linpus homepage
but really it just sounds like an "xorg.conf" issue so i would try asking about that in the geneal purpose linuxquestions website i gave earlier. Note that your machine should surely still be under some warranty, guarantee or service contract of some kind so you should be able to access commercial and/or professional support from both Acer and Linpus?

Good luck and regards from
Tom :)
I had the same problem and its a very simple fix. When your computer is booting up right before the logo screen hit F8 rapidly or hold it down (either works) Then go to system restore. Run the program from there and it should be good.
Thank you of helping me too,this was happy to find out how to fix. Mine has same problem and now i have fixed this. Thanks!