Images quality on laptop?!

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How do I improve images quality on my laptop?! First, I noticed everytime the cursor was on an image, it brings up a bubble saying "Press Shift + R to improve the image quality"! Of course, the image does improve when I do the command. However, I think I would like all images to be of quality without this boring command for every single image, like all normal computers! What's wrong with my laptop!? Help please!

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You mean of the quality of your screen???

this happens to me as well, but not all of the time. It only seems to happen on wireless broadband as far as I can remember. It happens in IE8 and in Chrome. It doesn't happen on my linux laptop. I don't know how to stop it from happening though. If anyone can help, I'd be greatful too.
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The laptop is only 5 months old, so the screen is ok! I mean the images/ photos that come on web sites!