Windows live messenger is not opening

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I know that a lot post were create on this subject but heretofore I did not have answer! For 2 weeks now, WLM (windows Live Messenger) does not start.I explain: I throw application, 1 second of egg timer, and anything more. I acquired ground in the administrator of stains, and I see that process " msnmsgr.exe " is active.I abolish process, I start again WLM and try. With a little of chance, program it execute at the end of the 10th try (and at the end of 15 min of wait before abolishing process).Therefore, to sum up, either program launches in the end of 15 minutes, or it doesn't launches! But unfortunately, when I have the chance which WLM starts (always at the end of 15min), it gives up 5minutes afterwards!To avoid the useless post, I am going to list you all that I have make to resolve my problem having pick all pages of forum concerning this subject:

Restart the PC...
Uninstalled WLM
Uninstalled Messenger Plus Live!
Cleaned the register with CCleaner
Restart the PC
Cleaning antivirus with AVGfree (nothing found)
Re-installed WLM...

After this, still nothing! By good conscience, I even checked the hut " if execute automatically with Windows ", but of course, NOTHING! The always similar, process is active but program does not start!

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Problem: Windows Live Messenger Won't Start / Load / Launch / Open


I have this problem for a few weeks. Tried everything suggested by everyone who managed to fix their problems. None worked. I tried uninstall and reinstall but to no avail. Somehow if you upgrade it to the latest version, the problem solved.

I was desperate so I decided to go with an older version. Somehow my problem was solved. I can't guarantee it would work for you though.

1. Uninstall everything related to WLM from Control Panel
2. Download an old version from one of these sites (if you are the super-paranoid type and concern virus, try downloading it from Microsoft if it is still available):

MSN Messenger 8.5.1235 (19.4 MB) from

Other sites where you can find old versions of software

3. Install the old version, but it won't work as Microsoft would insist you upgrade to the latest version.

4. Go with it. When the installation is done, WLM is back to normal.

5. I must add that my original problematic WLM was the traditional Chinese version, and when I upgraded/reinstalled I chose the standard English version. My windows is an XP SP2 Traditonal Chinese version.

So good luck to you all and hope that your end of frustration is in sight!
yo endo, I did what ur suggestion told me but when I sign in into the old version of msn the 8.5 ..etc beta it tells me to upgrade it; so I go with it but when its downloading the new WLM and all the tools ofr instance them movie maker or the tool serach bar it occurs an error and can not install all....WHAT SHOULD I DOOO???
Noor > Blackbird
Jul 18, 2009 at 11:31 PM
Hey there I hope u get what I wrote.
try to uninstall something name essiantall and its something to do with msn I tried and it work for me andi hope it work for u too.
u go to Control panel > ad/remove > essiantall messenger somthing like that > it will diffenitly will work.

Once u did that then try to download the old msn which is > the link.

Hope it work for you.

sorry my writing is bit messed up but I got to go to a meeting

Noor. A
I did exactly everything you said and it still didnt work
that worked thank you (y)
Worked a charm, thanks so much mate :-)

I have been plague with this issue for a couple of months, I finally read the replies here and something just triggered when someone replied to remove the application and reinstall it.

I did not go that far. After clicking on the email several times and waiting for it "not to load," I opened my "Add or Remove Programs" found three different types of Windows Live Messenger programs installled. I removed "Windows Live Installer" and "Windows Live Sign-In Assistant" and my Windows Live Messenger Email loaded immediately.

Hi, I have the solution if ur messenger doesn't open even when u have the process running.

1. Kill all "msnmsgr.exe" process.
2. Run regedit (be carefull) and go to:
3. Select all the values on the RIGHT SIDE of this window.
ie: (Default) REG_SZ (value not set)
AppCompatCanary REG_SZ 8.5.....
AppSettings REG_BINARY 6202..
4. Delete only that selection and close regedit.
5. Run "Windows Live Messenger", enjoy!
Thanks for your support but it does not work for me... I try everything possible but nothing solved this problem. WLM 2009 sucks.
this didnt work for me at all mines keeps saying the application has failed to start because its side by side configuratioin is incorrect.please see the application event for more detail ..HELP
my one doesnt work it says. I still have windows live messenger but I cnt find it....???
thank you nothing works time to get a new net this ones like a sieve
Kami-sama !
YOU Are The Best !!!
i did exactly what you said
And after a week wasted with trying to fix my msn
It finally works! Thanks to you ^^
cannot sign in ti windows live messenger.A box comes up saying.......we can't sign you in to windows live messenger.....signing in failed because the service is temporarily unavailable.Please try again later.........get more imformation error code 8007007e

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Had the same problem on a laptop, even the installation of a previous version (8.1) wouldnt solve it. Eventually found a mention of Adobe flash player causing an issue. Used ZapMessenger to uninstall Messenger again. Uninstalled Flash (and Adobe Air) - not sure which was causing the problem but after upgrading Flash player to version 10 and reinstalling Messenger 8.1 everything was sweet. Hope this helps.
i know how to open it.

1. press alt + Ctrl + del

2. then some widow will come up it should say open progam on one of the buttons

3. the you type in the box " msnmsgr.exe "

4. then it will open
msiexec /x {0AAA9C97-74D4-47CE-B089-0B147EF3553C}

This did the trick cheers
same its just getting terrorbale
I have this problem on Windows XP - I found by pressing Ctl/Alt/Del and looking under Processes that wlmail was still active - even though I had closed it - it has a size depending on the direction of the wind (I think) from between 47k and 57K - End the process and then WLM will start from the desktop Icon again - until it gets stuck as a running process. This works each time (so far) and I am trying to find the reason for the 'lock in' of WLM.
i remove the program ""Windows Live Sign-In Assistant" and Windows Live Messenger started working.

ironic isn't it.
err... well to get mine to pop out, (router users only, I think) I go into network connections disable the connection to my router (local area connection or sumthing like that) and after disabling, live messenger will pop out, then I enable it to connect back to the internet. =D hope it helps
my instant messenger is not getting logged on
Hi pals.
I had the same problem, too. I used Firefox and Internet Explorer, but Firefox was the default browser. When I changed the default browser to I.E. Windows Live Messenger logged on like a charm. I guess it is the Vista plague.
Cheers to all.
You have to uninstall completely if you are having problems with it, use zapmessenger to unistall all of it because if one little piece is left anywhere on your machine you will not be able to re-install it with a fresh download.

This is where to get zapmessenger:!E3785B1281BBDA1!1118.entry?wa=wsignin1.0&sa=641461747

Once you've done that this is where to get a new windows live messenger:

I found it best only to tick the messenger box. I didn't bother with all that 'mail' 'photogallery' 'silverlite' 'toolbar' 'family safety' or 'writer' I just wanted messenger.

It works just fine now.
Hope this helps someone else.
if ur messenger dsn sing in try to sing in from web messenger if it works dat mean ur messenger was blocked from the firewall, if it dsn work in da web dat mean u gt a service prob ,IP or SSL
to unblock it from da firewall go to da control panle> firewall> then see da exeption wich da firewall allow it works u shud add ur MSNmsnger her from da programs u hav , now its ready :)
People I have the answer if you want to uninstall the whole windows live messenger 8.5 version.
All you have to do is go to Run and type in "msiexec /x {0AAA9C97-74D4-47CE-B089-0B147EF3553C}" Except the quotation marks.
This helped me and hopefully this will help you.
Goodbye!!? D:
Denz's answer worked perfectly for me! I was having problems with WL installer claiming I had messenger, but I didn't. Thanks!
Hello people . I have some big problem with WLM and with any version . Okay, My Configuration : Nvidia Gforce 8600 Gt 256 Mb , 2 GB of Ram Memory Processor 2,51 x 2 , Windows : LAST XP,Service Pack 3 ...
Everything worked till I set Last XP .... The Prob is Always Error... with Code 80004002 ... we can't sing u into MSN cuz......................................dont know... that's with WLM 8.5, 8.0, and 2009 ... if I install Tha 8.1 I can sing in but I can't be on it... im Few second's online on MSN and Then I get Critical Error and then nothin' ... so if there is anyone who can help please answer.... (Except To reinstall My windows I know that but I dont wanna LAST XP looks so good and its to much faster then Normal Xp.) THANKS
Could any one provide a solution rather than talking aimlessly setting his subject line I solved the issue, we all are in the same shit here.... and require a solution urgently, so unless any one has got a clear/crystal solution in English, I suggest that you keep your F. Comments to yourselves and zip it.

I hope the above is clear.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated
First of all, MSN messenger 9 is not design for vista. The only way to uninstall it is download window installer. Dowload window installer; close fire wall, window defender and other related program to install window installer;click program and excuse window installer. you will see window messenger; choose it and remove; restart the computer; NOw download window messenger 8.1 which has less problem then 8.5

First of all, MSN messenger 9 is not design for vista. The only way to uninstall it is download window installer. Dowload window installer; close fire wall, window defender and other related program to install window installer;click program and excuse window installer. you will see window messenger; choose it and remove; restart the computer; NOw download window messenger 8.1 which has less problem then 8.5