Windows live messenger is not opening

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I know that a lot post were create on this subject but heretofore I did not have answer! For 2 weeks now, WLM (windows Live Messenger) does not start.I explain: I throw application, 1 second of egg timer, and anything more. I acquired ground in the administrator of stains, and I see that process " msnmsgr.exe " is active.I abolish process, I start again WLM and try. With a little of chance, program it execute at the end of the 10th try (and at the end of 15 min of wait before abolishing process).Therefore, to sum up, either program launches in the end of 15 minutes, or it doesn't launches! But unfortunately, when I have the chance which WLM starts (always at the end of 15min), it gives up 5minutes afterwards!To avoid the useless post, I am going to list you all that I have make to resolve my problem having pick all pages of forum concerning this subject:

Restart the PC...
Uninstalled WLM
Uninstalled Messenger Plus Live!
Cleaned the register with CCleaner
Restart the PC
Cleaning antivirus with AVGfree (nothing found)
Re-installed WLM...

After this, still nothing! By good conscience, I even checked the hut " if execute automatically with Windows ", but of course, NOTHING! The always similar, process is active but program does not start!

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download zap messenger and ur gonna get rid of it
Alright, I had the same problems as listed prior to my posting, and I found a clever way of fixing it.

Use 'ZapMessenger' to remove Windows from your computer, since it does not show up in the Add/Remove Programs list [1]

Install an older version of MSN Messenger; I used MSN 7.5. [2]

However it will not allow you to log in, because there is a newer version available. Click to upgrade, and should bring you to the final link I have listed below. [3]

Allow Windows Live to fully install, and it should work. :D

That should work, it worked for me. I'm not sure if you could just use the final link, but I am certain the steps listed will make everything work!

-- Saint Storm

What Do I Do When I Download messenger plus! live?
why I cant sign on my window life messenger allways shows error 8001012e

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i don't get what ure tryiing to say I don't know im sorry can you write it in a understanding way
search and download zapmessenger to rid messenger and then reinstall.
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windows live messenger open
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It probably would not open and the reason to this is becuase you have been either on your windows live messenger for a while.
To help you from this you may restart your computer or refresh.
Hope I helped.
Good luck ;]
I have Windows Seven Ultimate & Office 20007 Professional. I have recently Migrated to Windows Seven. Outlook 2007 is my Default email Client ( I do not have any other email Client).

In out look 2007 I have four POP 3 email identies including gmail.

When ever I right click on a Picture and click send it to email client, Window opens up to resize the photograph & then says to Google I click OK, nothing happens.
same case is with me but I hve windows 1998-2000 so what can I do hmm............
well I have another problem... I can open my messenger witouth any problems but when I log in after like 5-10 seconds it logs out by it self ... I dont know what to doo please help..
what if you lose all your friends email address
i have this same problem, when I disconnect the internet, it opens automatically. ive messed around with that, and when I connect to the internet again, it immidiately freezes and wont open again!
hence my last post, I have fixed this problem for myself. I reccomend trying this method, though I roughly remember exactly what I had done. I messed around with my firewall settings mostly, to the point that it was connected, but whenever I opened firefox it wouldnt connect to any websites. The thing is, your WLM will open if your disconnected from the internet, but I got it to a point where the connection was enabled,firewalled, but the proxy or firewall settings were refreshed, making it (im not sure how) but unable to access anything over the connection(websites, etc) anyway to the point

1) I removed windows live messenger and sign in assistant from my computer
2) restore the default settings on your firewall (control panel -> network connections -> right click then properties -> advanced -> settings -> advanced -> restore defaults
3) at this point you will be unable to access the internet, which is where you would perform a "system restore"
4) in order to do a system restore, go to accessories, then system tools. set your date, to the day before the current day.(or closest date to the current date)
5. Your computer will reset, and you will go through the restoration process.
6. This is where my mind goes blank.. it showed me as connected to the internet, but my firewall settings had been reset so it made it unable to access websites and such, which opened WLM (it opens when dced from internet). Go back to network connections (see 2) ) and right click your connection (which ever one you use to go on the internet) and click "Repair". go through that process. By now, I am hoping that windows live messenger will be open, unfrozen, and the internet will be connected correctly. at this point, you can sign in.

review: im not exactly sure this will work, mess around with it but try not to delete anything important! this method could be extremely harmful to your computer so please, make sure you know what your doing and follow these instructions closely.(BY THE WAY, WHEN YOU RESTORE YOUR COMPUTER USING SYSTEM RESTORE, WLM WILL BE BACK ON YOUR COMPUTER, DO NOT DELETE IT AGAIN.)

i really hope this helps anyone!
adding EVEN MORE to the previous post! THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT! unplug your router and modem after all this, and then reconnect them. THEN you should be able to access websites again and wlm will be functional.

Hi I tried doing what you said it just won't let me sign in. I did my password and my username correctly but it won't let me sign. Do u know anything faster to get it working. Thx.
Hey I Have A Problem I Tried Unstallling Msn 9 And I'ts Saying That Its Unstalled , But When I Try Too Download MSN 8.5 Its Says I Have A Newwer Verison Installed Im Reallly Confused Can SumBody Help Me :(!!!!
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May 27, 2009 at 12:52 PM
To uninstall Windows Live Messenger, click Start, then Run if using XP, then type the following and press Enter:
msiexec /x {0AAA9C97-74D4-47CE-B089-0B147EF3553C}
Well this is awesome. Messenger yesterday said that you should update.. and I didn't want to. Today it says "You MUST update if you want to sign in to Messenger".. VERY NICE. Ok, lets update then.. 5mins and I have new Nice Windows Live Messenger WHICH FCK DOES NOT WORK.


How can Microsoft mess so badly always. Yesterday I had fine working messenger, today I cannot even connect after FORCED UPDATE.