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 Mahmoud -
I installed Windows 7 on my HP DV1000 about a week ago, and the sound hasn't been working at all. It used to work when Windows XP was installed. I've tried installing new drivers for the DV1000, but still nothing. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. I can give more info if needed

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If u've got dv1000, try to visit this webage and download sp34770 - ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp34501-35000/sp34770.exe . Instal driver and it should work.(see more) If not like in my case, reinstall OP and try again to install the driver again. Good luck
Thank you

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Worked for me thanks A+++++++++++++
hi phillip.oye. I tried ur advice on my dv1000 but I couldnt do it! at the end of installation there is an error: no media device!
another question: I can not understand what "reinstall OP" means!!! plz help meee
sorry for my bad english.


I just wanted to thank you for solving my issue. I've been at this thing for a few days now without any success. Even HP couldn't (go figure) offer me a fix.

I would have rather to plug an external audio device (seeing that sound through my audio jack worked) than go back to XP (as some had suggested I do).


Thankyou philip:) It worked..after trying all the drivers for dv1000..this really worked:) Thankyou:)
thank you
had the same problem, here's how I fixed it - I used the xp drivers (there's two for my speakers) for my dv1680 (in the dv1000 series). this worked for some reason
Gents, audio driver of the dv1680 did it for me. Thanks again.
XP worked a treat for me too! :-) (DV1665eu)
Thanks a lot, audio OK
Hi, have you tried to use speakers to your computer? I had the same problem for my pc, but when I used speakers the sound worked hehe dont know why but it did
what happend for your laptop
r u come Bake to Xp
i have like ur problem

help me pleeez

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this is because the audio driver for windows 7 for your computer model is not yet available.

if you want sound on your computer, go back to windows XP.