Sound coming from both speakers and headphone

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Hi to all, I am getting a problem in which when I plugin headphones in my laptop, sound come from both laptop speakers and headphones.. give me some solution of this..
System Configuration: Windows XP
Firefox 3.0.5

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As I was trying to solve the same problem, it was finally resolved by doing the following:
  • 1. from the control panel, Hardware and Sound page, open the Realtek HD Audio Manager].
  • 2. To the right of the page, click on the Analog folder (Connector settings) icon.
  • 3. check the box to enable a pop up box when a device is plugged in and click "OK"
  • 4. plug in your earphones and when the box pops up, click on headphones (vs. lline out)
  • 5. Voila, the device then mutes the external speaker!

You're welcome! The other options didn't work for me either!
Thank you

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thank you it was so useful to me.
Thank you ! I tried everything and nothing else worked. I've been trying to fix this for ever so thank you for helping me finally fix this!!
A big thank you. For a moment I was starting to feel something is wrong with my laptop. Thanks again

Thank you. I had this problem before with another computer and I never found a fix. This helped massively, so thank you so much. You're a hero.

in my case the pop up don't show up
go 2 realtek hd audio manager in d control panel den select audio i/o den click on d connector settings(a cross sign) i.e. right 2 d analog back panel den click on d mute rear panel o/p when ........thank u.