Compaq laptop (presario F732AU) sound problem

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I have a compaq laptop (presario F732AU) with windows vista with all service packs/updates. Recently I plugged in an earphone and suddenly I cannot hear any sound from my laptop. the same thing occurred last time when I plugged in speakers to my laptop.

This includes both the speakers *and* the headphones. I checked device manager but there are no driver conflicts and sound devices (conexant high definition smartaudio 221) seem to be working. I checked every possible sound setting of that I know of but it didn't help. The strange thing is that when I play something it looks like it is playing (I don't get any errors) but I don't hear anything.

Any suggestions? ThanksStart Free Trial. Please help.

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Hey guys
I just had the same problem. My computer was working a few days ago but all of a sudden the sound stopped working. I can't hear out of the internal speaker or headphones. The system says that there is no problem with the speakers or anything, it detects sound and doesn't show any errors. For some reason the little blue/orange mute button stopped changing colour, which happened at the same time... but the button still works because the volume icon on the taskbar changes correctly. I have tried to disbale and uninstall drivers and all that business but nothing seems to work as yet. Any more ideas? The computer is out of warranty so HP won't help me.
Thank you

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i'm in the same position yesterday I was playing a song on itunes and then all of a sudden I cant hear any music but the song is still playing. I tried to restart it, reinstall drives, checked in BIOS. The mute button does not change colour but seems to mute and unmute the sound icon and the taskbar. Can't hear anything with or without headphones plugged in.
please help
hey I have a compap laptop cq50 and my internal speakers were silent for awhile. the only I could hear was through headphones and got so pissed so I started to mess with the headphone input hole and it just came on. wat a miracle huh. but yeah I am happy that my problem is solved. hope my solution is helpful for yours. try putting in the headphones plug half way and mess with the hole a bit and hopefully it breaks out a sound. do it with music playing to hear if the speaker is fixed.:)
I cannot believe that everyone is having the same problem with the sound. I found that if I plug in my headset that the sound comes back on and I can unplug the headset and the sound comes out of the speakers on the computer. It stays working for awhile and then it stops working again. I have tried everything to fix it. I carry the laptop all over the house on three different levels and I am tired of constantly looking for the headset. What is the problem with the sound? How can I fix it so it I can continue to listen to my company's training videos? Has anyone figured it out yet?
my f700 speakers wouldn't work, only when I used headphones could I hear anything...but plugging them in part way and shaking it around worked for me 2.thanks
ME TOO! AMAZING! Took a while, but perseverance is the key! thankyou so much!!
Same here. Plugging headphones for a split second restores the speakers. But next time turning the laptop on, they are muted again.
thans it really works :)