Vaio sound problems!

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Hello everybody!
I know it is not sth new but I HAVE SOUND PROBLEMS in my VGN-FW21M Vaio laptop!!
The first time it happened I restarted it and it worked, but this time this is not the case...
The link you were suggesting above doesn't work in my case as it is not applicable with my model..
I have checked all the sound devices and they are "supposed" to be working!
I am really desperate!!! please help!

thank you =)

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Don't worry for that, I had the same problem as your and I found the solution.

Try to uninstall your current driver and install the last version of your driver. After uninstalling the driver and reboot it to automatically reinstall it, the audio still may not work. Amazingly though, sometimes after putting the system in hibernate mode and coming back, the audio worked.

If it doesn't work, go to, they have many suggestions. I found my solution there.

Hope it helps
wow dude that worked!)
Yeah hibernating worked! wow! thanks!
hey thanks, it worked!!
I can't believe it, hybernating worked!!! :)))
Hey that's amazing ! Worked for me to.
Many many thanks
I also have this problem on and off. I just went to device manager>Sound and then clicked 'roll back device' and it worked instantly!

Hope this helps
all drivers are updated and working properly, but still sound is not working.
my vaio model is VPCSB36FN.
hibernate doesnt works, recovery either!

please give any solution?
Go to sound >Levels> Speaker/hp and it may be on mute.