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How do you upgrade your house? I've been playing for a while (probably 2 weeks SIM-time) but can't see how to upgrade the houdse, which is what I think I need to do to start gardening.

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you need to go up my bum
you can touch the lamp icon at the bottom. It will give you the options to move/sell furniture buy furnitire and upgrade house. It cost 1000 simoleons. Good lucj
hw du u move the furniture from your spouses house to yours as your spouse is living with you? thnx
the answer depends on which version you have.

i have the newest version on iTouch.

i just have to be patient and play the game until I get the next upgrade.
I also need help with it.. I need to upgrade my house! My ' neighbours ' in sim has so cool houses.
ok, first, u get house upgrades when u clean, repair, and start fishing, & also working each day will help...until 1 day when u clean something, repair something, or work, it will say: More furniture available!
or it might say: Jerry's renovations are open and are offering house upgrades.
(it will cost $1000 simoleons) If u hav the offert and the money, go home, click on the phone, there will b options 2 use the phone lik: call some1, invite some1 over, buy somthing, keep going down until it will say upgrade there and u upgrade and thats it!
PS: after u upgrade ur house will b bigger and if u open the door, u will find a little spot so u could garden...go 2 the town buy a watering can then fertilizer, then seeds...go home & plant it..
I Hope I helped!!!!
you save 1,000 go to your house click where u can buy and sell stuff and there should be a button that says upgrade
You Use Your Phone.
It Should Be Listed There.
to start gardening you dont need to upgrade your house,if you just go outside your house and change your camera view you will see your garden.If you want to upgrade,you go to your house and you'll see a blue bottom that is above the bottom you would click to save your game.You click on the blue bottom with a chair on it once you do that you'll see it says choose an action and there will be 4 different actions to use,you need to click on the one that says upgrade house.
if you dont have much mony you can go to the pause menu (bottom left corner with 3 dots) go to help and about and scroll down to gardning tips shake your ipod and you get about 500 dollors/simolies
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In this Sims 3 character walkthrough, I'll be writing about my experiences playing a gardener Sim. This Sim will be a master of the art of gardening, and be able to cook perfect meals. She would make an awesome wife for another Sim, but can do just fine on her own. She'll be able to make a lot of money gardening, and pursue her lifetime wish of making The Perfect Garden.
Nope, it must not be there for all of us. I'm in the same boat. I even bought the car and have no way to use it. There is NO option for upgrading and no other shop besides the food market (which ironically I found the car in).

This appears to have been a waste of money.
I have the same problem, thers nothing to do. Thers no options in the phone except food and talk to other people. And I can only go to other sims houses which look exactly like mine. And when fishing I dnt even see it. I select the option and then it just says I caught whatever. What's going on... and what a a waste, this is crap....
how did you get a car? i've been trying for a while now?
you buy car for 2000 at imports shop
how do you go fishing? is it at the dock in USA?

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