Ares doesnt work

 diana -
please do something its been over a month and my ares does work it only says connecting connecting thats it....
i really reallly need it to work......
configuration---> windows XP and firewalls are off....
i have tried all the steps given on this site

please do somthing
i will be highly thankful to any one who may fix this issue..
yours greatful
bhavnik mehta

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I will advise you to uninstall ares and install it again!

This will work after

How do u uninstall it?
i dont want to download the new 2010 version cause my parents are scared it might have viruses,and im scared to turn firewall off for the same reasons i reallly,really want to get new songs on my i-pod please help me!!!
How do u Uninstall Ares?
i have the version And it always says
connecting all the time its been more than 5 months and i cant get it to work at alll! please the music on my ipod is starting to bore me to death oh please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you have the Version cause i do and its the same problem