VGA output on laptop to VGA input on plasma

topgrin - Jul 16, 2009 at 04:44 PM
 jono - Nov 1, 2009 at 12:43 AM
Hello, I have a pansonic th-42pw6 flat screen tv. It has a vga input and I have tried three different laptops and non of them work with the tv. The laptops all find the tv and the tv seems to recognise the the laptops as the "no input" message dissapears and the screen flashes like interference briefly. But there is no image they both see each other but do not work ..what could it be ? The resolution ? Would the laptops require a special driver of graphics card ?

Could I somehow link a laptop to the pc using another input method ? It does have a scaart port ??

This tv was bought second hand with the sole purpose of using it as a montitor = infact it is more of a monitor as it cannot recieve tv images without a tuner or freebox please advise...

thanks in advance

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Check the Tv and make sure that the av ports are input ports and not output ports.also check vidio settings on TV,vid1.vid2,CH#3 #4#1 #0 match av input ports.and check Display settings,Avanced on Pc. to set witch one you whant to use, inturnanl Exturnanl and what output port. are both at the samt time. Cooool....

i just hooked up my eepc to my soniq plasma via vga. at first it said no signal. but it diid not take any change of settings to make it work. i just held the fn button (function button usually of a different colour-on my keyboard it is blue) and on my keyboard f5 has a small pic of two screens. i preseed these two togther repeatedly for like 3secs and my desktop pic appeared on plasma. however only my desktop background appeard. this is because it gives you two screens to play with, laptop and plasma. to see stuff on your plasma simply drag and drop stuff from your laptop onto plasma (if you drag your mouse continuously towards the right (could be another direction for me it was right), it will appear on your plasma.) now i jjust need to fighure out how to make the sound work. im using an rca cable from my headphone jack to the audio in for pc in my plasma but it still not working. ne1?????

hope this helped