Win xp, loads but wont load keyboard and mous

DanielDN - Jul 16, 2009 at 07:27 PM
 Daniel - Jul 18, 2009 at 08:31 AM
Hi, i have windows xp sp3
I recently installed live messenger do to some conectivity problems, along with it i decided to add the silverlight app
but after that did and upgrade to firefox to 3.5
and installed the KIS 9
and after i installed KIS it started to go onto BSOD
Went onto safe mode as an administrator to remove the KIS 9 [it installs a virtual keyboard driver or womthing like that, i believe that is the main issue] but wouldn't allow me to do it, since it said administrator had changed some priviledge stuff [i was like.. but i'm the admin... ]
So, I restarted and tried to load the "las known good configuration" and after it it went to hell

On the boot i can use my keboard [it's a slim compaq keyboard wich also comes with a mouse, both wireles thru same receiver]. and on wlecome screen keyboard and mouse just don't load up
Tried with a ps/2 keyboard and won't even load it up on boot.

Any ideas? i don't want to have to format

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just got it fixed
the solution was to boot in the recovery console, and write "copy c:\windows\repair\system c:\windows\system32\config", after that made a chkdsk /r, and some minor driver fixes to reinstall

thanks for your help and advice :) [Lol captcha is GURU]
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Jul 17, 2009 at 03:52 AM
Hey there,

You will have to restore your system

Start your computer press F8 immediately,

Select safe mode

Then Press Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools ----> System Restore Open it and then select a date when your pc was working normally
then press next Let the process to be done
Restart your machine normally
This will solve the problem
already tried but even in safe mode won't load them up, ill try again today with a wired keyboard and mouse, usb, and again with ps2 to see if it works

if i can find a way to fix it, ill share the experience

thanks mate

also will try to run the restore with the xp install disc o just try to repair it