Mothterbroad asus p48533-x problems

boxtoy - Jul 18, 2009 at 09:28 PM
 Gaurav - Aug 12, 2010 at 04:01 AM
Hello,cause my broadmother malfuntion in some circumstance,it out of my come here ask a favor of professional is my problem.
1 the motherbroad can't detect two or more hard drive .when i connect two or more it .the bios detective is faul to detect any drive hard.(sometime the detect blank just blank)
2 the motherbroad can't unstead to load hynix 512M DDR400.when switch on the motherbroad run a seconds cut off(fault) and auto rise again(parmanently the switch button malfuntion).
can some professional can help me out ?thanks a lot

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Jul 19, 2009 at 05:51 AM

to connect two hard drives in your computer, one must be in master mode (the one containing windows operating system) and the other must be in slave mode.

check the jumper settings.

for the RAM, try it in different slots or make sure that the RAM frequency matches the motherboard's frequency.

thank you.
no the general mathod can't solve the promble,attention to the point,not single one was detected by the bios.i just want to sure it was bios or motherbroad itself promble.

any thinks you pay attention on it.
bios : phonix v02.54
this kind was odd, how can it successfully access and can't identify any?,(after the DMI pool ,it say haven't any hard drive)
when use one hard drive it can't be detected.

maybe it is the ram frequency.
the motherbroad have ten+ years old , what i should wish, .......miracle

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should i say it was hard disk.or not hard drive.~
My Name is Gaurav, I think to upgread my Ram
512mb to 1gb
my pc is p4 8533-vm Intel

So, Sir Plz tell me
Is this Posibal