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I own a SimpleTech External Hard Drive. I use it to store my large music library. Recently I have expereienced some serious issues with it. First the drive was not showing up on my computer. I managed to restore it, but now all the particians on the drive are go, along with all the folder names, song/album titles and information. Everything has been restored merely in a numerical manner "file0001, file 0002"...etc. This is a 100GB drive and stores YEARS WORTH of music on it.


I've tried contacting SimpeTech myself, but no one from their IT Department is returning my calls or emails.


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Unless it was still under warranty, there is nothing they will do. They do NOT guarentee the safe storage of files anyways. I'm sorry, but when you first experienced problems you should have immediately moved your files to another hardware device.

You might be able to bring this drive back to life for a few minutes. Put it in a big ziplock baggie and suck all the air out. Then put the whole thing in the freezer for several hours. Bring it out and quickly see if you can access it. Sometimes, particularly if it is a mechanical problem, the cold will shrink interior components enough for them to work again for a short time.