Hard disk not found

hussain - Jul 28, 2009 at 12:01 AM
 MSCertified - Jul 28, 2009 at 12:45 AM
i d formatted my hard disk and installed windows xp.
after few days my laptop not boot correctly.
so i planned to re install the os again.
when seeing in bios it shows no hard disk found in master/slave.
but my dvd rom was found correctly.
but in bios it specifies
the processor name
the ram capacity
the dvd drive
and also the memory space of the hard disk.
what was the problem happened to my laptop.
please help me to retrieve my hard disk back.
thank you...
by hussain.

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This seems Odd. But try this and we shall see where we are at.

In the BIOS if you can see the HDD name, press SHIFT + 1 (Dont press the '+' sign)
That will enable it if it was disabled.

If the HDD is nowhere to be found then your Operating system should not boot up as it runs from the Hard disk.

The only thing is to open up your computer and check the Inputs/Outputs. If to no avail.
Reformat your computer once again, the NTDLR file may not have transferred correctly.

Let us know how you go!
in my bios it shows
system memory 640kb
extended memory 515072 kb
cpu type intel celeron-m processor
cpu speed 1200 mhz
bios version 1.oG-2880-812


primary master none
secondary master installed cd/dvd

still the hard disk not found in my laptop.
but bios shows the the extended memory of my hard disk correctly.
please help me.
by hussain.
So have you tried reformatting and installing the OS again?

The only thing i can think of in my years of dealing with HDD is that the file/files have not been implemented on the system.

Otherwise check the physical connection and see if the pins/jacks have any faults.