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Tuesday July 28, 2009
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July 29, 2009
 amy -
Well I recently hit a snag when trying to use a script in the newest windows live messenger, which for some reason deleted the .dll file so i thought that if i removed windows live from my computer then i could re-install it. However, everytime i tried to re-install it a message said i already have messenger etc. so i deleted windows live from my program files and tried it again, still nothing.

So now i copied my friends windows live folder and e-mailed it to myself and pasted it in the program files. I clicked on messenger and it came up. I tried signing in but it just said "signing in" for around 30 seconds, which is weird because it usually signs in after about 5 seconds, and now after those 30 seconds a message pops up saying "we can't sign you in to windows live messenger" and "there might be a problem with your internet connection. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet."

And i know it is connected because i can easily sign in to ebuddy without any problems whatsoever. More information says i have
"Error Code: 81000306"

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you will probably need to completely remove messenger from the registry as well as all messenger related files.

open regedit and try searching for msg. locate any messenger related entries and remove them.

if you arent confident doing this or are still having troubles then try - they have gotten me out of many software related problems
hi connected you ok from amy samantha badham
will you be having a cd out