Can't open downloads on Vista

mike - Jul 7, 2008 at 07:10 PM
 Knickers - Apr 9, 2013 at 09:38 PM
OS, Windows Vista Home (probably my biggest problem)
I was downloading an update on a firefox Add-on when my page froze. When I re-booted I couldn't get on Firefox. I entered the web via IE and tried to reinstall Firefox. It downloads the program but refuses to open it. I just get a message that Windows can't open firefox and it will get back to me if there is a solution. Well it's been 2 weeks and I still can't open any programs I download including firefox. I'm stuck using IE which is so inferior (in my opinion ) to firefox.
Any ideas out there

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type about:config into your browser location bar then scroll down till u find this

go to where the value says true on the right then right click and toggle that and problem should be fixed
thank you TOKER420
the best answer, detail instructions, solve download problem.
ps. the AVG has nothing to do it, cuz my is Mcfee and has the download problem., toker420 solve it.
I typed in about:config into my firefox browser, but what I got when I hit enter was "this might void your warranty, changing these advanced settings can be harmful to the stability , security, and performance of this application. you should only continue if you know what you are doing. then there is a button to click that says,...i'll be careful, I promise, now I am afraid to click that to find what you are talking about.
I had the same problem under Vista (downloads were actually deleted after reaching 100%). The problem is, that firefox by default tries to scan the files for viruses. To disable this scan just open in the firefox "about:config" page (extended configuration of FF) and set parameter to false.

Hope, it helps.
omg thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo mutch thx thxt thx!!!
Hi, I have the same problem I cannot open any downloads and plus AVG is turned off on security center, and I cannot turn it on, I have tried to uninstall AVG but I get an error message, how do I get to "about :config " page you are talking about? I have no clue as to how to get there, thank you
Thank You very much. It helps for me as well!
3 years later and it worked for me too. Thanks a ton.
i solve the problem . just uninstall AVG free anti virus .
yes AVG was the problem, ive uninstalled it & now I can open my downloads...
tnx a lot
I began having this problem in November, 2009. I struggled with it for over two months. I think the key to solving it was the statement that Vista won't let you open a downloaded file unless it has been scanned. There was something wrong with my AVG Anti-Virus but I couldn't reload it because of the scanning problem. I downloaded the AVG installation files on another computer and then put in on a flash drive. I then copied the file to the problem computer using the flash drive and was then able to reinstall the latest version of AVG. Everything has worked fine since then. I suspect anyone having this problem that is not using AVG may be having a problem with their anti-virus software. Fix it so it's able to automatically scan the downloaded files and I would expect your problem to go away.
had this problem for awhile !!!! Searched high and low...still no solution until I found out that AVG FREE was the problem!!!! I wonder why?? well I've wasted enough time and effort with this problem I aint even gonna bother no more and just look forward!!! so if you cant download, run or open any files on vista try uinstalling AVG FREE it saved me!!
Thank you sooooooooooooo much man. AVG was all the problem that my com had.
Thanks Kardous again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
changing the "" worked for me. thanks a lot:)
Here's my problem. I can't open anything I download. I went to the "download" folder as someone suggested, and the folder was empty. Someone said the problem is AVG, and I also believe so. However, I'm unable to uninstall AVG; it wouldn't let me. Someone recommended the AVG uninstaller, but the problem is I CAN'T open anything I download. So that means I can't open AVG uninstaller. Help!
I have this exact problem.

I can not unistall avg or install any other program or downlad anything even attachments!
i had this prob - there is a little red shield on your taskbar at bottom of pc.. right click on this and close it then you can uninstall AVG using control panel - reinstall AVG 8.5
0 --- here is how I solved this problem...its on page 2

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whoever said to turn off UAC (User Account Control)... THANK YOU!!! for anyone not knowing how to do it, go into control panel, click on user accounts, then click it again, then look for the option to turn it off or on. simple as that. restart your computer and hopefully itll work for you too. I looked into UAC too... and basically, gives you no protection
Hey, if ur using Vista open the start menu. In the darker column to the right (with the Documents, pictures, music etc. folders) there should be one with your name (or the name of your profile) at the top. If you click that you'll see a bunch of folders.. you're going to want to open the Downloads folder. All of your downloads should be in there.
nope they just arent there. even if you watch them download its nowhere to be found.
Skaejek > ...
Nov 7, 2008 at 02:26 PM
I have the exact same problem. I watch the files download to the download directory as PART files (I've tried on IE and FF; same result). Everything seems to go fine, then, when the download finishes, the file disappears and cannot be found anywhere on the computer.

One download after another nowhre to be found.

Also Vista SEARCH is totally worthless. I've tried everything including reindexing.

None of these problems ever happened with Windows XP. DAMMIT !

Anyone know how to fix the above pervasive Vista problems?
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Nov 13, 2008 at 04:19 PM
I'd love to help, but I can find a solution! I've removed all AV software and services, disabled the firewalls and still have the problem!

Oh, I did fix two of my Vista boxes; I converted them to SuSe Linux! It works flawlessly, absolutely SCREAMS compared to Vista (or XP) and is rock stable!

If I didn't have several apps that require Windows, I'd be done with Microsoft!
Thank you Jazmin!!! This is exactly where my downloads went! I sing your praises! lol Thanks!
Hi People,
Uninstalling my Esetnod32 antivirus was my solution. It had just expired and wont let me see my download.
Had this same problem, was downloading software on vista but once downloaded, No matter where I looked it was no where to be found.
I uninstalled AVG Free 8 still couldn't find download nothing, so then I tried via IE instead of Mozilla firefox, voila my download is found.
Thanks for the advice everyone was running out of ideas and saved my poor laptop taking a trip threw my window xDHE MY
I had the same problem not being able to download to a file. AVG 8 paid version was the problem. Reinstalled, works fine now
I couldn't download from IE or firefox.

Uninstalled AVG, problem solved.
I had AVG 7.5 and 8 on my computer but had previously uninstalled them. They were still on the Programs menu so I removed them. I was unable to download from Firefox, the item would sit in the downloads box but could not be clicked on or opened. I tried in Safari but received a message that the file could not be opened because it had been moved. I checked the Downloads folder, nothing there.

Ultimately I opened Google Chrome and was able to download. I'm still not sure what is going on but thought I'd offer this temporary solution in case anyone needs to download something ASAP.
Belem de Juda
Sep 8, 2009 at 03:42 PM
AVG was the problem in my case. It wouldn't uninstall either, and I had to go into safe-mode and uninstall from there. When I rebooted, the downloads were saving just fine.

I appreciate the insight on that friends.

God bless
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Sep 22, 2009 at 11:20 AM
sorry, how di I go into safe-mode?
I had this same problem...right click on internet explorer and run as administrator it worked for me
how fast is your internet connection? What is the file sizes you are trying to download?

I am assuming that you have a relatively good connection but are trying to download a large file. When it hits 99%, it will stall for a second, you will see a copy file window pop up, then after that finishes, it will hit 100% and you can open it. If you have a really slow HDD (5400rpm) it could take a little while.

it isn't because of his browser, the files just take a second to copy over from the temporary internet file location that it initally downloads to, to the location he specified. Some systems do this slower than others.