Call of duty World at war SOLO PROBLEM [Solved/Closed]

 sajan -
I click on play solo / Co-op but nothing happens the screen disappears and nothing. what the heck is that.

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turn off internet connection .play game this creates profile then switch internet back on
Thank you

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it worked for me great idea bro thanks
I have the same prblem and activison cannot solve, my error is temp files will not load g2477. I have played the game in full and unfortunately had to reload it due to a disk clean. Multiplayer works OK. Just solo, any ideas other than just buy Modern Warfare 2

disconnecting internet worked for me ..
disconnecting internet worked for me ..too
i had the same problem you could uninstall it and reinstall it agian ot work for me :)
thank you man:D
Thanks bro, disconnecting the indernet worked for me too.

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