CoD 4 multiplayer doesn't start [Solved/Closed]

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Can I ask you a question?
Does anyone know how to fix my ever-present crash problem? I have Windows 7 Ultimate, and every game works like a charm, but my iw3mp.exe crashes after start. Any suggestions?
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approved by Jean-François Pillou on Nov 30, 2018
Thank you
It's a very common problem. All you will have to do:
  • 1.Go to Start then Control Panel
  • 2.Double click on the Sound Tool
  • 3.Click on the Recording tab
  • 4.Right click and select "View Disabled Devices"
  • 5.Enable the Stereo Mix

Good luck

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Windows 10 Pro e funcionou, muito obrigado.
It worked. Thank you very much.
thanks you. this is works. i am very very thankful to you
Thanks from 2018
cheers, even I was able to do that. many thanks
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If you are having a problem finding 'Stereo Mix' in your recording tab, you should search the web (primarily Realtek website) for latest Realtek AC'97 or HD Audio drivers. Once I downloaded that and restarted, Stereo Mix popped up and I enabled it. I fought with the iw3mp.exe crash for a while and this finally worked. Hope it works for you, good luck!
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Hi All!

It is also a solution, if you do not see Stereo Mix, to plug a microphone to your computer. It has been worked for me.
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i had same problem
just plug in headphones in your pc
it works
ive tried all of these things and reinstalling windows and I still cant get cod 4 to work anymore
> Cicjose -
just enable your sound in your bios, if you use hdmi,
yeah had same error just had to plug mic in and it works fine
Thank you
Plug in your Sound AND a Microphone together at the front or back of your computer.

Now start the multiplayer.exe

I just tried it and it worked. First time I've been able to play the multiplayer...
Thank you
plug in a mic, then it works like a charm