Computer freezes then wont boot

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Yesterday I went to get on my pc and it was frozen. Did not think a thing of it and just held down the power button. After that Computer would turn on ( fans ,lights and I could hear drives going) but no post or splash screen. Me not being new to these kinds of things I checked ram seating and made sure all connections were fine. Find that all those were ok and there was no other discovery durring that I did a little research. Searching on google "Computer freezes then wont boot" I found that taking CMOS battery out for 15 mins and putting back will help my problem. I did so and everything was fine, Clean boot and Ran everything A OK(surfed web, played a few games, World of warcraft and warcraft 3). A few hours later samething, freezing then what I named it "dead boot". So I did the samthing with the battery. Computer was fine for another few hours then samething then again 30 mins later , at this point its midnight and I give up.

A little backround on my pc. In june my computer had a huge issue so I diagnosed it as the PSU, got a new one still had the problem.The machine would turn off then on for 5 secs repeating its self. The ram was fine cause that issue is would not be caused by faulty ram. Then replaced mobo, still had issue, lastly replaced cpu and was fine.The guy at amd said that this issue had come up with that cpu before.

Tech specs.
Kingston hyperx 4g
AMD Antlon 64 X2 7750 kuma 2.7ghz
Zotac NF750A-A-E mobo
Raidmax Hybrid 2 RX 530 watts
Nvidea 9600 gto 512mb
Hitachi deskstar 160 g 7200 rpm
Apevia case
Westinghouse 22in lcd display

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my computer is doing thesame thing... well it freezes I restart it but the funny thing is ithought it was the screen. so I bought a new one and it worked fine for a hour or so untill same thing... thing is all I did ws replace the monitor I did nothing to the actual computer... do you think it is the same problem?