Computer starts then shuts down immediately

 hank -
My other computer is starting then shutting down within two to three seconds after starting and shows no signs of even having time to try and boot.

Any ideas what's going on?

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I've just fixed the same problem on 2 (!!!) boxes

1. Reset BIOS by take out/put back a battery
2. Replaced case start button (not power supply). You can check it by doing the following:

a. Open computer and find a wire that goes from a case start button to motherboard.
b. Power on the computer and pull out the wire that you found in step 'a'
c. The computer starts up
Thank you

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CCM 2821 users have said thank you to us this month didn't work what did I do wrong
thank you for helping me reset bios.
Sometime componenet failures also cause the problem. In my case I had CD-ROM issue, it was not working properly, I removed power and data cable. It starts working normally.
thank you this helped a lot!
lost two harddrives, had one computer crash, came home to "and now what"... you saved my life - took out battery, computer fired up (think I might buy a new one just for safety, though)
There isn't enough time to boot it into safe mode. It doesn't send any info to my monitor at all. It also continues doing this when it has the hard drive unplugged so I doubt it's a virus.
Thank you any way :)
You have a virus my friend.

What I would like you to do is boot the PC into safe mode...
When that has been done, type in msconfig and go to startup tab
If there is an application that should not be there disable it
Run a spyware scanner if you currently have one/Virus scanner

The virus script is the most simplest script that just frustrates people

If the above does not work. follow this path

Start menu
type in: regedit

In the Run folder has all programs that start up on startup... if there is one that should not fit, right click and delete the entry.
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he can't even get to the mode selection screen, much less get to safe mode.
.wat if it didn't even go to the desktop?...