Can't install windows XP

 pero_placebo -
hi I'm trying to install windows XP on toshiba satelite l300-21x
i am booting from XP cd and windows start recognising configuration.... and when it coms to ''SETUP IS STARTING WINDOWS'' error mesage shows up and it say to check my HDD from virusis and errors and try again. The laptop is brand new, so i put his HDD on my desktop PC and normaly there is not virusis or disk errors. Then i try to install Windows 7 Ultimate and everything goes fine. So i dont like the Windows 7 and if anyone can help me to install Win XP i'll be appreciate that. Maybe is somthing i can do in BIOS or something..

Thanks for reading & helping me...

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Hohohoh hohoh hohoh i just find what the problem is. if someone have this problem go to BIOS and find SATA compatibility and if it says [ACHI] change that to somthing else in my case [compatibility] and everithing goes fine