Internet explorer script error in YM

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Hello,how can I fix the internet explorer script error on my yahoo messenger?

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Most of the time, Internet Exporer Script Errors are nuisances. If you are tired of seeing errors that are beyond your control, you can choose to disable the messages.

* Open Internet Explorer
* Open the Tools menu
* Select the Internet Options menu item
* Open the Advanced tab
* Check the box next to "Disable script debugging"
* Remove the check next to "Display a notification about every script error"
* Click the OK button
Thank you

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Hello there,

To fix this problem you just have to do this:

Open Internet Explorer,
> Tools > Internet options > Advanced - Scroll down to 'Browsing.'
check the boxes
'Disable Script Debugging Internet Explorer' and
'Disable Script Debugging (Other).' When you have done this,
> Apply > OK

This should work

I have done this, but still receive those pesky errors constantly. I do have cookie handling set to prompt and often block many cookies.