Fixing Your PS3 Network Connection

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Check it out. If you r constantly getting connection interruptions during game-play then here is what u need to do. If u r using a router (no matter the brand), the problem probably has to do with the router. In order to find out, disconnect your PS from the router and plug it directly into you modem. If your modem is not near your playstation then move it close to the ps3. The modem plugs directly into your cable line so there is a good chance that the television you play your PS3 on has a cable connection. One you have connected your PS to your modem press the reset button on the modem. Turn your PS on and go directly to your network settings. Click on Internet Connection Test (do not bother trying to set up a connection manually, if you do this chances are you will mess something up). If you are getting a connection then you are ready to go. There is a good chance you may never get a connection interruption again. For the time being you will be able to enjoy playing call of duty like you once did. Now u might ask what am I supposed to do with my router? I need it for my laptop, xbox, etc? Just buy a new one. Chances are the one that you have is garbage. It might have worked great at once, but hey, these things happen. I suggest doing your research and find a router that works well with gaming. I hope this works. In summary, it is not your playstation or your internet service provider that is giving you problems... It is your router... connect your PS to your router to test this theory...

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Boys and girls I have the solution!!!! After about 6 months of this same problem and searching in countless forums I have now found the answer. I too thought it was a router or ISP provider problem but is a simple setting on the PS3.
  • simply go to media server settings in your PS3 and disable the streaming media servers. I tried this and it worked immediately. no restarting or anything.

Check that PSN is not down, it will save you some time :

If down, this page will look red like this:

I promise this works.....goodluck ! I dont know why but it is and I found it here if you want to double check.
Thank you

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Thank you so much you were a savior
Dear Savior, Thank you so much for your post to disable servers. For over a week I have waited for Activision or Sony to fix the problem. I am so happy and grateful that I came up on your post.
Thank you my ppls
I can't find media settings
What you all need to understand is that there is no magic answer to fix these problems. In many cases a new router is NOT the answer. Most people just do not know jack shit about networking and wireless. Which is fine, however the real problem is that these console game manufacturers can't program their games online play easy enough for networking noobs. So any smuck can go hook up a wireless router and get wireless. But configuring DMZ, firewalls, understand what a port and IP is that is not stuff that typical console gamers have a clue about. Quit blaming the router manufacturers because they do a much better job.

The best help you can receive is this:
- Open necessary ports for PS3
- Open any ports used specifically by the game (which is retarded they don't use standard PS3 ports)
- If your router supports UPnP enable it (caution this is a security risk UPnP is a horrible idea)
- Make sure your wireless connection is strong

Now you might say I am being too general, "I need it step by step". Well I'm sorry to tell you, that you must figure out yourself. Reason is that everyone has a different router many from different manufacturers that have a different configuration interface.

Bottom line is if you are not able to just plug and play your PS3 games online, you either need to find a friend that can fix your problems, pay someone to do it, or learn how to do it yourself.

Perhaps not the answer you were all looking for but at least it will stop you from running around like chickens with your heads cut off.
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hey thanks for the help dude that what im gonna tried and I hope that it works properly

Wait so if I have the NAT Type 3 problem, doing this will fix it?
Thanks.... It really saved my life.....
I think it is a network related issues... I got similar sort of issues and got it resolved from they really helped me a lot...
thank you so much
Yeah what if you cant move your PS3 near your router as the router is in the kitchen area and I have satellite and connect wirelessly.
So I've been reading over the answers, but I can't seem to find the right answer.

I have a Wii and a PS3, neither of which will connect to live, at least.
I guess that's the best way to describe it.
On the PS3 the internet works PERFECTLY, but it WILL NOT let me sign in to let me play online.

I just got my PS3, and the Wii I have had for a year or two, so it's not a new thing.
I'm also not able to use things like Limewire, is there something in my internet connection that is making it so I cannot connect to anything?

I've got wireless internet, but we're using Belkin...

Can anyone help?
all u have to do is disable the media search thing its under internet connections then go all the way down and disable it then u will be able to get ur game updates if u have any questions contact me on my ps3 my name is SCARFACE535
Yo I am EagleEye393 you need to get CoD4 so I can PW3N you ass

hey man thanks alot! you saved me from smashing my moden.and my rouder!!
add me and we'll game sometime - abuddslife420

Thanks again man!
heeey guys help I cant sign in it tells me timed out
Try checking if you have a system update when it starts timing you out like that.
When I test my internet connection it say's my UPnP is not available and my NAT is type 3. My connection was good a few days ago. How do I fix it? I have my ethernet cable hooked up to my router or modem
alls you have to do is contact your router technical support and they will reconfigure your router the 1 800 number is on the back of the router box that it came in and if you do not have the box look online for number at website of name that is on router you do not have to move router or unhook it just enter its ip address in the web browser box of the main computer and it will take you into the main page of your router where the settings are and you click on settings and go to (dmz) and click on enable save settings and back out this should change nat to type 2 from type 3 which will allow you and your friends to play together if this does not work call 1 800 number do not chan ge anything else in settings or it will mess it up technical support will have to open certain ports on your router change numbers all that do not try this by yourself good luck
If you have type 3 then its likely the port or server youneed is restricted. (i may be wrong)
Hey there. I have the same problem with mine but on mine it goes from upnp available and nat type 2 and upnp not available and nat type 3. I got soo fed I rang sony. they gave me port numbers to give to my broad band (bt) I havnt given them the port numbers or anything cuz only got them today about 15 mins ago lol. But the numbers are only for sony things like playstation home so if u want to connect to friends on games u going to have to ring up the game company eg: activision or something and ask for the port numbers for their games. The number for sony is 08456000124 so if u give them a call they should give u the port numbers for you to tell your broadband. :)

He's right. I have a DLink router and I configured it on a PS Preset that gave me the right ports so I could play online. So now it says NAT type : Free. Just contact your router tech support or if your technical about all that, check ur PS3 manual to find out what ports u need to use
This what happned to me and I kept on tryin and it finally worked afta 3 days
Hey I need help my dad says the connection is fine, but when I go on my xbox360 the online gaming works but it's slow. So then I go on my ps3 and the connection tothe web works on it but the online doesn't work it says at the top right that I cant connect to the playstation network cn you please help.

i go to sign in on my playstation 3 and it says the playstation network is timed out .
thats exactly what mine says, and ive tried everything to fix it...
change your internet to sky

you either need a faster connection or u need to stop using whatever downloader your using thats taking up all the bandwith. Your internet connection is shared between all your tech. Stop downloading to play then resume your downloads after.
Disabling the Media Server thing worked for me! Thanks!!!!!
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Nice this could be definitely of a great help.
if it works well we will be cool if not then I will find another way thanks.
i really want to play mondern warfare 2 online badly but it wont let me.
The bottom line is your router. I had to upgrade to a broadband, which I now have no interruptions. I had too many devices running off my old router. Without the broadband, your router will only stream 2.4gh. Cell phones and cordless phones are just 2 devices that use that same frequency. I spent many hours trying to find a solution. I called Sony and Linksys for help and we even opened the ports. Nothing worked until I ungraded my router. I spent about $130, but it was worth it. Good luck!
well tell you the truth, imma 13, and my dad's router is pretty far from the tv and ps3, and imma not really allowed to move the router, what should I do?

all u have to do is disable the media search thing its under internet connections then go all the way down and disable it then u will be able to get ur game updates
My Brother and I are sharing the same connection in same home to one router and we each have a ps3 console

i have 80gig he has 60gig

and we're trying to play co-op online zombies call of duty 5

but it doesn't even work for call of duty 4 either won't work for any multiplayer game same issue as below

when I invite my bro to my lobby its fine but when I join a match with him he gets kicked trying to connect to match

we have a belkin N1 Wireless Router Part # F5D8231-4 And Arris modem phone plus internet MODEL: TM502G our isp is Time Warner Cable he have a connection of 10megs down 2megs up and we're connected to ps3's wirelessly

please help me fix this problem
> Sixpack872
Go to your router home page then find where you can set UPnP and turn it off. It worked for me today and now donloads game settings immediately on both PS3's in our house for COD4 online.
Worked great, thanks very much

Perfect! - disabling the media server option worked a treat , also noticed too when after I did this the downloads were much faster (not reporting 10678 minutes to download) but they still kept hanging and giving me a connection error. looking at my network stats I noticed that my signal strength kept fluctuating from 12% - 70%, I turn my routers antena about 15 degrees round (so it was pointing to my ps3) got a stable signal of about 74% and the game update downloaded in about 2 mins - worth a look for those still having problems,
my ps3 don't work it won't play ps3 games or ps2
my ps3 is not going when I put it on it goes red with the words.
ps3i have tred this and does not know if it works
All you guys have to do to get online is 

if on wire (ethernet) go to settings on ps3 go all the way down to network settings then press on network settings it'll tell you your going to be signed out of PSN press x then do wired connection and automatic to all don't use proxy don't set dchp host name and do all settings automatic reboot/restart whatever you call it

modem and ps3 try getting online to play your game

if on wireless do same settings as above but instead of selecting wired select wireless automatic all

if that doesn't work go into your router

d-link brand router

linksys brand router

belkin brand router

enter that ip in your webbrowser

then look for a setting that says DMZ

enter your last digit or digits of ip click on check box to enable and click apply

depends on which router your using if

d-link brand router your ip should be between 2-100

linksys brand router

belkin brand router

To find out your ip go to settings on ps3 all the way down to network settigs and select network settings list and it will tell you your ip

if this is the step you need to make your ps3 work you will need to make your ip static

static means your ip never changes for as long as you have these settings on

to do this u'll need to go to network settings and select

either wire or wireless then custom

and follow on-screen instructions

for ip select manuel

only enter ip, primary dns, and router

rest like proxy, dhcp host name, select do not use and do not set for those 2

rest auto only ip dns amd router address needs changing and disable UPNP you don't need that if your going to use static DMZ ip address

ip will be 192.168.x = 0 or 1 or 2 depending on your router . xx = your custom DMZ last digits for example 12

so it would be or or

Please E-Mail me if you need further assistance
i have this problem I cant play online for call of duty can you help me. I did this you said
he guys am having same problem :'( I disabled but still nt working :'( plz help
hi I played call of duty alot once I always had good connection unless my cpu was on but most of the time it wasnt well then out of nowhere myconnectionwent bad on every game its been going on for a month the weird thig is that at midnight the connection is perfect but at day and night its 1 bar idk whats goingon I triyed connecting directly with the moderm but the same thinggoes on the moderm and router work fine we triyed contacting the isp but they dont know whats going on they say something might be interrupting the connection or something but I doubt it is it something I did on my cpu? please reply back please I play ps3 I triyed every setting it has wired wireless upn enable and stuff nothing happens what should I do im really pissed and sad they say the moderm is fine and I have 1.5 Mg so wtf is going on
I've with the same problem.

I have a netgear wireless cable voice gateway cvg834g, i´ve configurate my port forwarding, but sill don't work as it should.

In all other games like Pes2009, MotoGP the connection works perfect... The signal is 100% wireless in PS3, but Call of Duty 5 don't work

What can I do more to solve it???? It could be for DMZ???? What can I do more?

Please, anyone help me...
here's why your response makes you sound like an idiot......I use the exact same router on my Xbox 360 and I can connect to 99% of the people....yet with the same game but on PS3 I can barely connect to 10% of em.....explain that please