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Griff - Jul 14, 2008 at 04:50 PM
 Pota - Feb 27, 2017 at 08:17 PM
I let my roomie use my comp while I was away for a few weeks. I returned to find "Warning! Spyware detected on your computer! Install antivirus or spyware remover to clean your computer" as my background message. I tried to place a new background on but this message still appears in the middle. I just bought Norton 360 but it doesn't seem to be detecting it. Also if I leave my computer idle for too long a blue screen pops up with a bunch of computer nomenclature and eg. bogus_driver or something of the sort being the problem. If I hit any button on the keypad it will close that screen and it will no longer pop up until the computer is idle again.

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I used malwarebytes. It's free and worked like a charm. I am a network admin so I get to fix this stuff all the time. I use a mac so as of now I don't have to put up with this stuff. Plus it is just way cooler :-)
yes i'm also facing same to remove spyware from my computer
Thanks Ebomb!!!!

Instructions were clear and concise, fixed my problem with the darn worm. Any idea if it diasbles your firewall and system restore aswell?

pleas help me ! this virus is in my compiuter & mey background .
my anti virus&spywar nod32 but can't find it .
i dont know what I doing now .
pleas help me .

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i had also had that warning of spyware come up on my desktop. however I foolishly thought the problem would go away if I simply used one of my own images as a background.
so now I have my own background image but am still missing the screensaver/background image tab.
i tried the bmp method....but I dont get wat im supposed to be looking for as my background image is my own pic which I chose. is that the image im supposed to be looking for as a bmp format??? please help!! :(
hey I had the same problem and ebomb your directions helped me thx.
but now something strange has happened with my browser
anytime I Google search something
and click on one of the search links it redirects me and takes me to some worthless shady website
the only way I can access websites is by typing in the url
my internet is also running very slow now
i get the feeling some form of spyware is still in my comp and using my net
any help would be greatly apreciated !!!
thank you!!!!
I had all of the above symptoms. I found and deleted the files, edited the registry, but PC still would not boot. As a last ditch attempt I downloaded this antivirus program Malwarebytes to a flashdrive from another PC and installed and ran in protected mode. There were 12 infections (none bad). Then rebooted and ran a full scan which took about 70 minutes. The program found another 25 infections.

Here is the link again that was provided earlier:

PC is now working great. I set a new restore point and am happy with all of the assistance, time and effort everyone has put into solving this stupid needless problem!

THANKSSS EBOMBB!!!!!!!!!!! you're AMAZINGGG!!!
thanx a lot

i delet the registry key

all fine now
hey guys, I followed all the steps and the background and virus message went away, however everytime I log into my profile its fine for about 30 seconds and then it just restarts.... any ideas?
can anyone help! I need that comp for tonight:|
Finally this worked.

Go To

Sort all files using date modified.
You will notice below files that created on the day when the virus is came. Just delete and reboot

it still hasn't worked and I dled ad aware 2008 and installed it using a flash drive but the virus somehow changed all the language to everything on my comp to spanish:| luckily I have the english version on my laptop so I know what to push. this is so fucking annoying
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Sep 20, 2008 at 10:09 AM
hi needhelp,
before attempting all this have u try to scan ur pc first dear and check whether it detect it and therefore can solve the problem dear,,,,,,,if not then I advise u thus to format ur system dear good luck ;-)
Hey everyone.

I have the same problem on my computer. I've followed ebombs steps yet I still cannot get rid of it.

My virus .EXE on my processes tab is called lphc5mfj0er59 so I searched in My Computer for r59.bmp. From searching for this one bmp file was located, and it was my background image. I deleted it and then from my Recycle Bin, and then proceeded on to make the registry changes as specified by Ebomb. I then restarted my computer and it has had no effect! I have tried these steps in safe mode and in normal mode.

As well as phc5mfj0er59.exe loading on processes tab there are some other dodgey looking processes too, such as -

AOLSP Scheduler.exe

I can access the Internet through Ethernet cable however the virus has damaged my wireless as it says its unable to detect a supported wireless adapter. please install a supported adapter.

Any advice or help would be very much appreciated! Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Ebomb,

Recently I ran into same problem. Google search yielded your page. Thanks a bunch for your help.

I hope that someone can help. I have the same problem that everyone here is discussing and have printed the instructions for the removal, however... I am not able to access anything on the computer or stay logged in long enough to do any of those actions. When I boot the computer, the Windows logo comes on, the log in screen appears and I log in as usual, then it goes to a solid blue screen... nothing on it at all, no start key or shortuts. After about 3 seconds of blue screen, it automatically logs out and goes back to the log in screen. This is the same if I start the computer in Safe Mode... blank blue screen and then logged out promptly! What can I do?!!?!? I am concerned about the new pictures on my hard-drive of my newborn that I haven't backed up yet (only 1 month old) and don't want to lose my data if at all possible!!! Appreciate any help that's offered!

Thanks in advance!
Hi guys,

I got the same virus/spyware but I think I got rid of it.

I went on and got their software (free for a period of 30 days), I took the smaller version of the two. I had to install it and run it several times. The computer kept crashing, etc... I even had to boot in Safe Mode and run AVG from safe mode one last time. It kept finding all kinds of trojan viruses and spyware every scan. After redoing the scan a few times, it became easier and easier. Now my scans are clean all the time and I no longer have the problem. The blue screen and warnings about spyware are still there buty these are just the background and a screen saver. The only thing I don't have yet is the ability to change the background and the screen saver (the virus got rid of these tabs but I'm sure I'm one setting away from being done with the whole nightmare). I'm buying AVG (they have another free version which is an undefinite trial but they say this product is inferior so I'm going for the real thing).

I've downloaded AVG and it found loads of trojans which I have got rid of. I tried AVG before trying ebombs advice and following his instructions.

Update: I have got rid of the spyware it seems as my desktop is no longer that damn antivirus message, it is now just a blue background. It seems I have now got rid of the virus as it no longer auto loads on the processes tab which is great and the blue screen no longer appears either. However, I still cannot change my desktop wallpaper as the tab is still not there, nor can I still connect to my wireless.

Any ideas?
Hello, I had this problem and now I found it the file is called "phcg71j0e52c"

Without the "

If you do not find it just type in your search


Without the "