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I let my roomie use my comp while I was away for a few weeks. I returned to find "Warning! Spyware detected on your computer! Install antivirus or spyware remover to clean your computer" as my background message. I tried to place a new background on but this message still appears in the middle. I just bought Norton 360 but it doesn't seem to be detecting it. Also if I leave my computer idle for too long a blue screen pops up with a bunch of computer nomenclature and eg. bogus_driver or something of the sort being the problem. If I hit any button on the keypad it will close that screen and it will no longer pop up until the computer is idle again.

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will malwarebytes' anti-malware program work? Ebomb, will you please explain it again step by step? and also explain how to search the drives, I need help this will not go away! please! and thank you so much!
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Jan 15, 2009 at 07:14 PM
samething happened to me any of you guys can help us well I removed my viruses but the back round is still there to.
I just got this today, I have spybot and Lavasoft Ad-aware but everytime I tried to load them up it wont open and I get like 10 windows saying application error. So I installed the SUPERAntiSpyware and I had no problem installing it and scanning my computer, it found about 15 infected items I deleted them and rebooted my puter but I still have that virus, I cannot change my background.
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Jan 18, 2009 at 10:37 AM
I need help!
i have also got this virus with the black background with the flashing warning sign which I need to get rid of......i have tried many ways of getting rid of it and it just doesnt seem to go! I have tried it in safe mode and tried running anti-virus software.....the only problem is that as soon as I start up my laptop and log on and error sign comes up and then it turns to the infamous blue screen of death and starts to do a memory dump! can anyone give me any directions to get rid of this annoyance! thanks.

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I got that freakin virus now and I cant get it off my computer. I deleted them files and cleaned it up but everytime I restart my computer the background is back again and those freakin messages sayin' spyware detected, blabla ' . What can I do ?
Easy, heres what you got to, do poth PROPERLY, ok?

Click the Start menu
Click Run
Type regedit and click Ok
Find your way to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ ActiveDesktop
Delete all of the entries in that section.
Find your way to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ ActiveDesktop
Delete all of the entries in that section.
Close regedit

BE VERY CAREFUL EDITING THE REGISTRY. You can make the machine completely unusable if you accidentally delete the wrong section.
Let me tell you what happened to me and maybe you can help me and also give a warning to others.
I consider myself to be pretty careful when downloading anything onto my pc. Well it just so happens that a volcano is about to erupt in Alaska so I wanted to find live web cam coverage. So I was lead by Google to what looked like an authentic web site When I went to down load the viewer that was required to view said video the normal Norton warning you could be downloading a virus ect ect ect. came up.
after installing the viewer well you guessed it every Trojan and worm you can imagine. I was majorly infected after many different virus sweeps the system seams to be clear, however I am left with a blue screen and can not load any background or wallpaper and all I have read here and tried to find bmps and check the reg edit for the suggested codes I find none if you can suggest any thing else I would appreciate it.
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Feb 23, 2009 at 08:47 AM
I assume that theres a blue screen as ur background saying ur comp as infected with virus / mallware or something likr that and a window of xp antivirus scannuiing ur system showings lot of infectred files right

well its a fake warning and my dear its a malware / spyware thats benn installed in ur comp

in shoort its a virus

first and formost update ur antivirus patch files

shut down ur system

then unplug ur system (yje wire connecting ur system to the net)

start ur system in safe mode

now after startup follow the steps I have metioned below

-Right-Click on My Computer and select Search...
-click All files and folders
-search for *.bmp (all or part of file name)
-Find the one that matches your background
-Note the name of the .bmp file - mine was called phccekj0e3cn.bmp (copy and paste into notepad or something as you weill need this later, or write it down as your computer can reboot)
-Search your drives for the last 3 characters noted in previous step. in my case I searched on *3cn
-This search resulted in 4 files for me.
-Go to your task manager, look under the processes tab, and find the process that matches the name of one of the files you are trying to delete (the .exe file)
-end the process - mine was called lphccekj0e3cn.exe
-delete all files found in your search

REMOVE REGISTRY ENTRIES: (not as important since the files are no longer there but still good idea)
-Start -> Run
-Edit -> Find
-I searched on *3cn (the last 3 characters) but this returned some valid registry entries. I suggest you either carefully delete all entries that look they are related. I found 5 or 6 valid entries, but they were obvious to me to not be related.
-typically they will have the full name like "lphccekj0e3cn" In fact you could probably search on whatever the .exe name was (minus the .exe extension) and you can surely delete all those entries.

-this is what I missed in the previous post. The first time this thing runs it changes entries in your registry to hide the 'Desktop' and/or 'Screen Saver' tabs
-In the registry navigate to:
-delete entries 'NoDispBackgroundPage' and/or 'NoDispScrSavPage'

Check out your display properties again, they should be back to normal.

Empty your recycle bin to get rid of it for good

Rebooting at this point is probably a good idea.

awaiting comments

Melisio mascarenhas
India - Mumbai
Thank you so much. This was the first time I tried to fix a virus without hiring someone that it worked. BTW I will never complain about Indian tech support again. You're the best!
Guys, if you can, DO NOT SHUTDOWN YOUR PC , it will be more serious.
You will have a problem with logging in, it is UNFIXABLE unless you have the installer disks, remote connections and stuff.

And do NOT run AVG or McAfee, They will be manipulated to allow hidden installs of the virus. BE CAREFUL.
Auto recover anything doesn't work in boot up, and it will do the Auto log off to ANY account

This happened to my Netbook, and I have had no luck getting into the files, and I have no disk drive,
If you're getting logged out as soon as you log in, you probably told antivirus or antispyware to clean something that shouldn't have been removed. In my case, a user had told it to clean userinit.exe, and it deleted it. Userinit.exe relates to windows login -- without it, windows logs you right back out, thanks for stopping by, please try again. When I copied over a userinit.exe from another similar machine, it started logging on.

Unfortunately, the version of this thing has advanced, and previous suggestions are insufficient to resolve the infection. I'm still working on getting things cleaned up. Getting a little frustrated, but I'll post again if I get it done and let you know how.

You'll notice it modifies the hosts file like a lot of malware, and for me, it is blocking malwarebytes loading -- not sure how. LavaSoft AdAware is my next step to try. As I said, I'll keep you guys informed.
Carlos 06/14/09
Jun 14, 2009 at 05:23 PM
The solution to this virus is acivating the Windows Defender in your computer.I followed the steps that I found in this site.
1-Click on the start button/orb. 2-In the start search box type in “defender”. 3-In the results up top highlight “Windows Defender”. DO NOT CLICK ON DEFENDER NORMALLY it will not open, instead right click and choose “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR”. 4-When the UAC (User Account Control) dialogue box appears, choose “ALLOW”. This will open Windows Defender. Defender will then run and find the virus and delete it. Now this worked for me and I hope by passing it on, it will work for you without having to buy any additional software to get rid of it.
I did click on defender and then I clicked FULL SCAN. It took 1 1/2 hours for the Full Scan to be complete. At the end it got the virus and I only had to click REMOVE ALL.
Thanks for your help.
Ok. so I guess my moms coworker borrowed a laptop from her work and then gave it to my mom to do some work, and I turned it on and the spyware background went on and all this pop ups came up. so my dad told me to turn the computer off, so I did. I then turned it back on, logged into the usser and non off the icons appear. No start menu,time/clock, nothing. I tried going on the internet through the task manager, but it wont connect to the internet! I tried in safe mode, nothing. Some one help pleaseee!!! my mom has to return it to her work monday!
dwayne still eaten cookies in bubbles.
Get MalawareBytes Anti Malaware, my laptops used to be crappy. Well no wonder, I had 215 infections. Also that blue screen, That might mean one of the two. 1.Graphics card fail. 2. Overheating.
I just received the exact same thing on my PC tonight. Something popped up and wanted me to install it or block it??? I had NO idea what it was and it didn't seem right, due to nothing like that happens when my PC needs an update. Usually has that yellow caution type symbol down in the taskbar by the time.....So when this weird one popped up I clicked block it. I did a virus scan and also a spyware scan. 3 came up but then a 4th one. I decided to try fixing it myself and deleted all 4. BUT I still have that same warning up on my main screen/desktop and also it won't allow me to restore it back to a different date.

Can you please tell me what you did and how????


(all I was on at the time was Facebook site and that thingy popped up then all went to poop)

hey mikethedike's may be good idea in display settings after that warning there isin't any desktop tab in it that's the problem too

2.and another problem that in my computer there was a adware so I put it into qurantine and deleted, but it also show that screen ;(
Did you ever figure out how to fix the problem? I also am missing the desktop tab. Since I don't normally go to these websites would you mind just e-mailing me directly???
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Aug 21, 2008 at 04:02 AM
hi mad shady,
I am sorry, but I dint get you. Can you explain in brief so I can help you out of this problem

mine says its windows warning message and under that it says spyware detecter
tells me to please run my virus scan to eleminate the virus and it shows two different viruses ???
never seen them or this damn thing in the center of my desk top and my back ground color is now white.
I deleted and uninstalled all its componits and its still there and McAffee, says I am clean
how do you get it off the screen and my color back to blue on my desk top??

windows knows nothing of it, either

Alex > dennisb51
Oct 7, 2008 at 01:03 PM
Dennis, I am getting the same error message on my dell laptop. I cannot get that stupid error message off my screen. I have a white screen and that error message. Were you successful in getting it off? what did you do? Anxious to find out.
Hi mike,
I too got the same screen saying "your computer is been affected and use a spyware to clean your computer". I could remove the program files containing the Antivirus XP 2008 but couldn't remove that blue screen. And today when I was downloading one of the adobe photoshop softwares the screen colour changed to white bearing the same message. Please do help me to remove the virus from the computer. Please do help..
Waiting eagerly for the solution..
best way is to install microsoft malicious software removal tool and then run it, once its done u'll get the list of softwares which u can remove
Live one care is good but wants many updates also slows down the pc speed
AVG will give up in some time and does not actually work as an antivirus but works like a small firewall
NORTON needs updates now and then and after some time it turns into an addware and screws the pc and therefore we have to format the hard drive
Hi Ebomb,

Thank you very much for your perfect step by step instructions to get rid of the junk.

Hi Ebomb,

Thank you so much!!! I was about to throw my laptop across the room!!!! O man!!! You saved me thousands of dollars!