An unexpected error (536808448) occurred

 leo the lion -
If you are trying to install xp on a Laptop Compaq you will get this :-

An unexpected error (536808448) occurred at line 1773 in d:\xpsprtm\base\boot\setup\arcdisp.c.

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hi there,

the disk is unreadable

please use another installation cd

as well as replace the memory stick



Your disk is corrupt. you can get a copy for cheap from:

good luck!

just been to someone and kept getting this line 1773 error, when trying to use either Xp install or other ways of getting the xp recovery console (4 different discs in all). After much messing arouind i removed one of two sticks of ram and if booted in to XP PC OK. Put Ram back in same problem so I guess it was the RAM!!!!.

This in fact it also fixed the problems thats I was usiig the XP RC to fix (which looked like a faulty HDD).