Dyd rom not detected

 sugarstick -
I have a Dell Latitude D600 and my DVD/CD ROM is not being detected.i checked the device manager but im not seeing it there.Its a Samsung DVD/CD ROM.even though i open it with a flie clip and insert a cd it doesnt read all you see is the light blinking.What can i do?

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Hye there,

I think that the DVD drive is disabled on your BIOS settings,

Just access the BIOS by pressing F2 key when you start up the laptop,

Go on onboard devices and check for module bay device,

Just enable it

hi monbeynaker,
I did that already but yet still its not working.Its not even showing up in my device manager.i see it in my BIOS and i enable and disable it but yet still it wont work. what can i do?

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