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The history of each Nintendo console is inevitably linked to a game in the Super Mario saga, and for the SNES this was undoubtedly Super Mario World. With more than 20 million copies sold worldwide, it is not surprising that many of us want to play this game again and relive our favorite Mario moments.


The two most adorable plumber brothers of all time, Mario and Luigi, are back. Time is ticking, and you must rescue Princess Toadstool, who finds herself kidnapped by your fiercest enemy, Bowser. In addition to Mario and Luigi, Yoshi makes his debut appearance in Super Mario World. Yoshi is a cute little dinosaur who will offer you a helping hand throughout the adventure.


  • More powerful than ever: In addition to being able to perform the classic walking and running movements, the characters have access to a selection of new moves. The Spin Jump, for example, allows Mario to dodge enemies and obstacles.
  • Gigantic map: Mario and Luigi travel through a magical world that leads them to a variety of locations. Explore the world as you complete the missions and defeat the bosses.
  • New gameplay elements: All classic power-ups return to Super Mario World. But there are also a bunch of new features. The Cape Feather, for instance, will allow you to fly.
  • Count on Yoshi: You will be able to jump on the back of this sympathetic dinosaur, who will help you by eating all the enemies that appear on his way.

Graphics and sound

Despite being released back in 1990, Super Mario World is a video game that has excellent 2-dimensional graphics, even by today's standards. The game's soundtrack was created exclusively by means of an electronic keyboard.

Game modes

Super Mario World can be experienced as a solo adventure and also in cooperative mode, where the second player will control Luigi. The availability of this 2-player mode depends on the chosen SNES emulator.

Age rating


The game has been rated with the PEGI 3 label, meaning that it is suitable for all audiences.

How to install and play Super Mario World?

Once you have downloaded the ROM, all you need to start playing Super Mario World is to load it into an SNES emulator application, such as SNESGT or SNES9X. For more information on emulating Super Nintendo games, check out this article. This SNES Mario ROM is playable on virtually any operating system (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, etc.) as long as you have a compatible emulator.

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