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I have My Book World Edition installed on my wireless internet. It was originally installed through my desktop. I purchased a Dell Laptop Vista 64 bit. I started to install the 'My Book' on my new laptop. I typed the login name and mistyped the password [without realizing it] and hit enter. I hit enter just as I saw a windows dialog box pop up asking if I wanted this computer to remember password. I couldn't react soon enough to stop it. Of course it comes back that it is the wrong password. MY PROBLEM now is when I type the correct log in and password, it keeps reentering the wrong password. I figured out how to click on Tools - internet and turn that option off and to click the general tab and delete the history of forms and password. However, it stills enters the wrong password. I can't uninstall because it didn't get far enough along to pop up in the uninstall. But I deleted the folder and then again deleted form and password history, rebooted, then reinstall and it still keeps overwriting the correct password and puts the mistyped password. I've been on the computer for 4 hours now trying to figure this out. HELP!

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Go to IE Tools -> Internet Options -> Browsing History -> Delete (button)
Then check all you need to delete from history and click Delete (button)

To delete the password remembered for Mybook page just tick the Passwords check box and it will delete all of your remembered passwords.

Attention ! doing this will delete all off your remembered passwords ! don`t do this unless you are sure that you know all your passwords.
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is this password issue with trying to log onto your worldbook or vista.?

if its world book, then I think you may be in luck.

if you read the manual, there is a section on recovery, where you press a button while powering up your device restes the admin password without affecting contents of drive/s

think its on page 5 of the users manual.

have a go, hope it helps

let us know either way