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Hello, i accidentally deleted the 'Recently Added' playlist (where all recently added songs are displayed).can it be installed back?.

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hi there,

yes it can be installed again

please provide details on the play list type

the playlist i was referring is one of the playlists created when you installed itunes ( 90's music,music videos, my top rated, recently played,recently added, top 25 most played).
i accidentally deleted the recently added playlist.i tried to create the same playlist but it doesnt work, i mean the songs that i added are not shown.
I can't find your response to the individual who accidently deleted the iTunes generated Playlist: Recently Added. I had the same problem. Thanks.

you can recreate it as a smart playlist, the premade playlists are but examples of ownmade smart playlists, for example, filter tracs only from 90's etc