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 brad -
Hello, does anyone know why my connection goes to the worse connection when on online game modes such as call of duty world at war. the connection hits its worst at the same time everyday and i cant seen to figure out why, which is why im asking you guys. thankyou- much appreciated

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it may have to do with that you may be hitting a popular time when all the waw players are hitting the servers.
your service provider may be controlling bandwidth at that particular time of day
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September 22, 2009
It may also be that someone else is using your network, if not in your house then maybe someone close to you are. If you dont already have it make sure to set a password to it if its wireless. Your computer may also be set to automatically update or something at that time, try checking your firewalls, antiviruses e.t.c for those kind of things.
Another off-topic tip is: dont make the title "Please reply" or something like that, you will get much more accurate and better help if you write what your problem is in the title.
I dont know if u know or not. But in cod world at war, you get signal bars in online game modes, 1,2,3 and 4. Does anyone know how to get 3 or 4 bars, because i allways have one. I brought a ethernet cable because i thought it would make a difference, but it didnt. What should i do?