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My ipod is gray when i push menu it does not go to the menu at all so i cant look at anything but what is already selected how do i change this?

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my ipod does the same it also last for a couple of hours maybe 1-3 hours
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Hi there!

Please have it restored to factory settings to see whether it works back correctly. Otherwise, it might be that the button is damaged physically and hence you will have to send it to a Repair Shop.
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hi there,

you can try updating the firmware

or reset it to factory default

but this will delete your songs


There is a way that Apple could sort the " Menu button not working problem out" or any Button out,but they wont do it,because they want you to go out and buy a new one,the solution is simple,if any of your buttons fail to work,except the center select button and wheel,you can substitute a command to activate a command that you can scroll down like back up on instead of clicking play/pause or menu,you can scroll to a command that says the command and it will do as you want it to do,that is only if the button for the command is not working,i hate that Apple never thought of this idea.......its a simple one if any buttons fail.
fighting irish what do u mean
if your talking about ipod touch, then hold down the home button, the volume up button, and the power on/off button until the apple logo appears. that should work. best of luck.
Hey thanks yours worked

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