DNS Error on ps3 3.0 firmware

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Hey guys,

I'm having a really really big problem. Ever since the new firmware update, I keep on getting signed out of the playstation network due to some DNS error. I never had this problem before the update. I play COD Modern Warfare, and I would always have superb connection. I would host games, and everyone would have the full green bars.

But ever since the update, I haven't been able to stay online for more than 3 minutes without getting kicked out.
I've literally tried everything to fix the matter and nothing has happened. Things I've tried...

1. Restoring PS3 default settings and reconnecting the internet connection from scratch, hasnt worked. I stay online for like 3 minutes, and I get signed out.

2. I've tried making a new PSN ID, same result, signed out of PSN after 3 minutes.

3. I've restarted my router and my modem (which happens to be Time Warner cable located in Los Angeles) and it still gives me the same message after 3 minutes.

4. I've also tried inputting manual DSN numbers from this server that is actually really really safe and that still gives me the same result.

Does anyone have any clue or idea how I can get this fixed?

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I've had the exact same problem and before when I've lost connection sometimes I could still get online but it would take a ridiculus amount of time but I can't get on at all and it usually reconnects after awhile but its been a few days now without one reconnect.