Magic jack not reesponding

 michael -
i bought magic jack and it is not responding on my operating system. i am running windows vista 64 bit home premium. Whay can be done to solve the problem?

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i cannot makes calls and receive call from my majic jacks.. please let me know the solution from this. thanks
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I had the same problem. I tried the upgrade of Magicjack software upgrade. it worked. please see below link for upgradig Magicjack software

Hello Sir,

You will have to contact the magic jack customer care and ask if you can get a software driver for windows 64 bit edition,

You can try this:

Or Contact customer care

i can nOt use my magicjack please help me
I am unable to restart after using for approx11 month help to get the green light
Give me your answer ive asked for help cannot restart
this is not the problem i am asking my magicjack has worked well seems to have disconnected during april
im asking for help not memberships of anything assist me or loose me back to skype

what do i do .the magic jack is not working.i'm hearing the phone tone
no dial tone and contact list is gone