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Buck - Sep 17, 2009 at 07:03 PM
 Buck - Sep 18, 2009 at 10:58 PM
Hi, here's my problem I've read to through multiple posts on this site, but I'm not getting a solid single answer.

Okay if my PC is off and I boot it up, the Fans and any LEDs (minus the hard drive light) turn on, I can hear the hard drive start. Nothing changes on my screen, but the screen saying it's not connect or whatever. Anyways, I hear the Hard drive clicks like it's try to start, usually does about 3 or 4 clicks then it'll just sit there powered on. If I leave it alone for about 20 minutes it will finally boot up to the BIOS boot screen and run through all the stuff eventually coming to my Windows login. If I push my restart/reset button or restart from the start menu it reboots just fine.
Same issues with putting my pc in sleep/stand-by mode it will take forever to actually shut off. When I move the mouse or hit a key to start it back up will acts like it does after it's actually been shut off.
From what I've gathered I think it can only be one of two things either an issue with my power supply, which could be likely, I'm using a 2x 4-pin to 6-pin adapter for my video card. and just about all of the other connections are being used.
OR it could be a RAM issue, I've got 2x 2GB RAM sticks and only have two RAM Slots I've tried swapping them out, using only one at a time and trying it in different slots. I've tried using an eraser on the RAM contacts or whatever they're called. Made sure to use compressed air to clear out the slot before I put the RAM back in.
Just I'd ask here before I bought a new set of RAM or Power supply.

Any specific system spec or hardware brands needed just ask.

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Sep 17, 2009 at 11:38 PM
I don't think it's RAM related. It sounds like the power supply can't pump out enough juice to fully power the hard drive when everything is cold and needs extra power. A 400 to 500 watt power supply may be need for your high power video card. Do you have an older lower power video card you can test with?

Good Luck
Unfortunately I don't have an older video card anymore the power supply I have is 585W about a year old. my mobo has an on board VGA I'll try hooking it up with that instead of the card see if you're right I guess.
Okay well I took out the video card and tried it with the mobo vga and still the same thing.