Help! Can't Boot from CD on Acer Aspire 1800 [Solved/Closed]

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I want to reformat an acer aspire 1800. the 1st problem when the system boots up is starts checking files & folders on partition "D" and it takes a day or more to complete the scan; then it keeps its takes another day or more to load the personal settings which I just stop after 1 day because it was still loading. It's very very slow. I shut down the pc and put the recovery cd in but the system goes back to the same scan screen again. It doesn't boot from the cd so I can't reformat the drive. How do I get it to boot from the cd-rom. I went into setup to change the boot sequence to boot from cd 1st but cd isn't listed as a boot option. It has HDD, ODD, USB, PCI LAN as boot options to select from in that order.
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Thank you
This is definitely a big problem...

1. Maybe your cd-drive is dead
2. Or you have a lot a data on your drives
3. Or your HDD is getting old
Liam, you are a legend! Spent hours trying different cds, trying to recover the machine in the rc console etc. Why this information isn't documented elsewhere I don't know!!

Thanks a lot!!
Stephanie > Liam - Feb 1, 2010 at 08:25 PM
AWESOME ADVICE! I have been fighting with this machine for days!!!! Thank you.
so what happened ? update plz
Try Ultimate Boot CD Loader, thought not enough for me.
Thank you
You rock Liam!