Some keyboard letters not working

sim - Sep 20, 2009 at 08:03 AM
 j - Apr 10, 2010 at 01:22 PM

My son did something to our keyboard and now most letters are not working and the ones that are, are in the wrong place. The language is fine and the usual Num lock + fn button or alt+shift isnt doing anything. Its not a keyboard that is connected via usb or ps as its a sony computer with the keyboard integrated..........were running windows xp with a french keyboard
im desperate, does anyone have any suggestions???
thanks in advance!

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sarbel.vilo Posts 233 Registration date Tuesday November 18, 2008 Status Member Last seen August 1, 2010 31
Sep 20, 2009 at 09:29 AM
What about changing keyboard !!!
thanks for the message but like i said its a keyboard that is integrated into the pc so i cant change it!
oh dear... i have the same prob, and my toddler son did it too!!!!!!!!! The keyboard seemed locked. I can only press A, a , 1 ...
when i type k, it functions like a tab, that skips spaces to the right.
when i press s, it keeps showing sD sD sD
when i press q, is shows Q:sd66
please help..
and all those shift 5x, numberlock, Fn+F6 etc... i have done them, nothing works!