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Can I Use a mac dvd burner in a Windows Computer? my burner quit and I am getting a new computer soon and dont want to buy one. I have a mac g4 and want to put it in the pc for now. Will it work?

Thank you

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hi there,

yes you can provided you have the converter

to plug it to pc or by usb

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What type of converter are you talking about and would it be something you can get at best buy. It is an enternal dvd burner. so are you talking about the plug in.

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I think the G4 uses a standard type drive. Not having one I don't know if it's a IDE drive or a SATA drive. You can tell by the cable type. IDE is a wide ribbon cable with a big plug. SATA is a small cable with a more compact plug. I would try it in the PC since I don't think any physical harm can be done. You might have some problems with the DVD software if it can't recognize the drive.

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Thank you very much it does work. Come to find out it is a toshiba. My problem is now I got bunch of +r dvd and it takes -r. Oh well.

Yhanks again