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I use Microsoft Outlook 2003 for my emails. I cannot open any attachment that comes as a Microsoft Word document. I get the message "File Conversion" select the encoding that makes your document readable.
Nothing works to allow the documents to open, though. I end up sending it to another computer and opening it their with no problem.
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Download Microsoft office compatibility pack and install it, you can google this keyword also.


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I have office '07 and I am getting the same error messages, "select your encoding" nonsense. What should I do?
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Well, I had the same problem.

My pc was trying to open the PDF's with something other than Reader, probably word.

So, you have to change the settings. In Win7, go to

Start>Default Programs

Search for pdf, and associate it with Reader.

Hope it will help you.
thanks this did the trick!!
I don't have reader, what other programs would work?
Thanks soooooooooooooooooooo much...this issue was driving me crazy and I feel so happy that I was able...with your make it work!
The best... thanks!
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it worked, thank u sooo much
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Maybe the person who sent you this word document used Microsoft office 2007 or above !
you're probably right - but - I don't have 2007. can I still open documents like these?