Increasing a Partition In Windows 7? Running

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Increasing a Partition In Windows 7? Running Vista and win7 but can't use apps on vista in win 7?

I am running both Vista and Win7 on the same PC. I had partitioned my C drive in order to install Win7. Prob is I have a bunch of applications on the laptop but they will only run while on Vista mode, is there any way i can get them to run while in win7 mode also? I did back up those apps on an external drive but i did not partition enough space to put them on the side i have win 7 on and for some reason it won't let me extend the partition volume for that G drive. Pls any advice?

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Yes, WIndows Vista and 7 disk management has the feature to shrink and extend partition, but there is huge disadvantage that you cannot move the partition of extend the partition that there is no unallocated space behind it.
You may try partition master, it is free for home users. I like it, very easy to use and it's free.
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Thank you, It helped me on W7 extending C drive
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hi there,

go to disk management

right click on c drive and press on shrink volume

choose the desired size or if less space it will be in default

the reboot from windows 7 do the same thing

go to disk management right click on c drive the press on extend

choose the new partition or raw then press on next

it will increase the size of the disk

tried this but extend option cannot be click... only the shrink 7 user