Setting a share folder using wifi [Solved/Closed]

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I actually set up a small office at home with 4 laptop they are all connected to a cisto wifi modem router.

I would like to create a common share folder so as to facilitate files sharing and distribution of information

I have been following windows network setup wizard but without any result.

I would like to have the correct steps to follow for this.

waiting for a response

MR sprinkles.
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I once setup a sharing folder withing two laptops using Wifi connection with some difficulties

Follow below steps :

Go to network connections

Click on setup small network

Follow the steps

THen select the Plug in port - local area connection or Wifi connection.

Then click next

Then enable file sharing and disable firewall .

It should work perfectly.
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hey guys,

how would you get this file sharing to work if you have a wireless router and connected to that is another router. the laptop is using the wireless router and the computer is connected to the other router??


--------------------- --------------------------------------
internter ----->>I wireless router I <----------I another router (non wireless) I <---------- PC
--------------------- --------------------------------------

laptop connected wirelessly
If you've already discovered the answer then disregard. If not, then read on...

1-Try going to the properties box of the wireless adapter in Network Connections.
2-Then choose TCP/IP and click properties.
3-Click the advanced button.
4-Click the WINS tab.
5-Under NetBIOS settings choose "Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP".
6-Click "OK" for all boxes and restart.

Hope it helps!
buck > help me please - Jan 1, 2009 at 03:42 AM
goto network -> network and sharing center (at top)

turn off password protected sharing

that fixed my problem with getting to a folder on vista from an xp machine.

note: this is the most secure thing you can do so make sure your network is pretty secure. As long as your behind a pretty good firewall you should be okay for say home or small office use
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