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I want to do a monthly report and I have four colums: "issue date" "pick date" "pack date" "Ship date", each cell have dates, I need a formula that helps me calculate the dates since issue date that took to be pick, pack and ship. but I need to exclude the weekends for the calculation of dates. Please help!!!!!
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Hi Negra,

There is a function named NETWORKDAYS which will calculate the days between two dates excluding the weekends.

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Awesome ! I loved this and it helped me greatly.
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I think you will find what you are looking for on this link

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Rem Basic syntax

Dim d1, d2

d1 = {Orders.Order Date}

d2 = {Orders.Ship Date}

formula = DateDiff("d", d1, d2) - _

DateDiff("ww", d1, d2, crSaturday) - _

DateDiff("ww", d1, d2, crSunday)

//Crystal syntax

Local DateTimeVar d1 := {Orders.Order Date};

Local DateTimeVar d2 := {Orders.Ship Date};

DateDiff ("d", d1, d2) -

DateDiff ("ww", d1, d2, crSaturday) -

DateDiff ("ww", d1, d2, crSunday)
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