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I cannot connect from laptop to internet in my wireless network at home. (I've got Cerberus router).

I have reinstalled Windows XP, previously there were no problems with access to the internet but now I cannot set this connection properly. The computer is HP Compaq nx9020.

This Windows contains SP3 and there were some problems with installing those drivers which require Service Pack 2. However I installed those responsible for network, i.e. "broadcom wlan network adapters driver for windows xp" sp29361.exe.

I changed name of computer to unique in the local wireless network. I did it in the following way: My computer -> right mouse button (RMB) -> properies -> computer name -> change -> and I entered new name in "computer name", different than default.
I entered wizard of new connection. I didn't know what to choose -> "Configure network at home or at little office" or "Connect to internet".

I didn't know which one modem driver I should choose. (I lost the CDs with drivers so I downloaded drivers for this model of computer from the official web-site of Hewlett Packard - it is HP Compaq nx9020). There are three drvers for modem: sp31129.exe, sp30332.exe, sp30159.exe. In Devices Manager (I don't know how it is called in English version of Windows because I have got other language version) I've got only one Modem: SoftV90 Data Fax modem with SmartCP so I guess there is no need to install any of those three drivers for modem.

I also tried some simple things with computer. 1) rebooting of Windows :-), 2) reinstalling of drivers, 3) choosing password to my wireless network - I wanted to do it but I couldn't. When I enter "Connection of wireless network" near system clock in right, bottom corner, I see "no networks are found". Refreshing the list didn't help, 4) I checked network cards in Devices Manager. There are two of them: a) Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN, b) Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC, 5) switch for connection to wireless networks is on in the front panel of laptop, 6) I click "repair" on "wireless networks" near system clock - "Windows system couldn't finish fixing the problem because it cannot do one of the following activities: Connecting to wireless network. For help, connect person responsible for maintaining the network" (my translation to English), 7) "Connection of wireless network" - "Wizard of wireless network" - "Next" - "Configure new wireless network" - SSID: [here is my name because it is what I see when I connect to local wireless network at home when I do it from the other laptop where it works] - "Assign network key manually" - here there is some kind of weird key already written - "Configure network manually" - "Finish". It still cannot find any wireless networks.

Summing up, it can open the window with wireless networks so I guess probably everything is ok with driver. However it doesn't see any wireless networks in this window so there may be problem with configuration. I guess I should stop using Windows and install Linux :P.

Thanks in advance for your help :-)!

PS More details about network at my home here: simple wifi network at home - problem with router - Tech Support Forum and picture of it here: .

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Oct 13, 2009 at 04:39 AM
Dear Sir,

Try reconfiguring again the network settings.

This should help you see whether you have

made a mistake somewhere.