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I'm having a problem with my keyboard. I have a Dell desktop. Using Windows XP. When I turn on my computer, after it boots up it comes to a screen where I have 4 logins, one for each of my family members. When I click on my login and it starts up, my keyboard locks up. (a technician from my internet company had come and did some things on my computer at an earlier date). I noticed that the on-screen keyboard was used because it was on the list when I click the start button. I have to use the on-screen keyboard to do any typing cause the keyboard is locked up. I've checked the other 3 login names and they cal all use the keyboard-so I know it's not a keyboard issue. The on-screen keyboard has not been used on their login names so I think it has something to do with that. I just can't seem to disable it to get my keyboard to work. Can anyone help?

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im not computer smart but i like to give suggestions on things maybe well help .
check your property's and see if your keyboard is even enabled are the lights on
on your keyboard do a trouble shooting check your hardware see if your keyboard is listed .
you can also go into control panel and go into the accessibility options and disable the onscreen keyboard .
hope this helps .