Samsung star usb driver mobile not connected

jitu - Oct 21, 2009 at 03:19 AM
 Sara - Oct 9, 2010 at 12:25 AM
my samsung star mobile not connect my pc , I have install also usb driver and pc suit but not connected , what to do , I also search usb driver in net but no responce

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Install PC suite as usual. The go to device manager in windows and look for the Modem Tab section and then you will see either an explanation mark next to this driver or the driver ready. Right click and choose update driver. Then choose to manually search driver then pick C:\ and tick the box "search sub-folders". With in a minute it will pick up the driver. If the PC suite doesn't load straight away repeat the same procedure.
I too own the same phone "Samsung Star" and just by chance worked it out that the setup doesn't load the driver properly.
Perfect solution - my windows 7 and b3210 problem my. device manager didn't say 'modem', but something else with the yellow '!' next to it. Browsed folders like you said - entered 'c' - windows found Samsung USB driver - phone now showing fine. Thanks a lot!!
THANKS!! after lots of time looking, you helped me fix it in such a simple step! :)
you need to get on your mobile settings and you need choose pc connection and media player all done you ready to connecting your pc
i didnt get even a driver cd for corby... ass hole samsung...
how can I download phone numbers from my samsung gt-s3650 mobile phone to my laptop

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i have purchased samsung S3500 mobile to access internet on my pc which is dell inpirron windows 7 basic. when I install the given samsung pc studio in my pc it not works and I can't access internet. so provide me right software to access internet on my pc.
Hi Kaushal,
I am also facing same issue s3500 with windows 7 (get with Inspirron).
Are you able to short out issue...
Hi ! I have samsung s5620. facing same problem not connecting with pc. Nokia is best... I am thinking to throw this dabba...
I have Windows XP and a Star GT-S5230, Maybe other Windows combinations will work here..

In trying to Upload from my mobile to my PC...

Obtain version 1.1.2.ID3 of the New PC Studio. In 2 days trying I found all other versions would not connect for me.
You can get this here.. Uninstall all previous versions.

Install and reboot..

Dont connect the USB cable yet.. Switch on the phone (mine didn't have a Sim card but still worked)..

Select Menu /Settings /Phone Settings /PC Connections (below screen) /Samsung PC Studio (select) /Save.

Now EXIT four times until you get the plain IDLE screen with just the Battery symbol at the top and touchpoints Keypad_Phonebook_Menu at the bottom.
This seems to be important..

Now connect the USB cable, phone end first then your PC..

Start the NPS program.. After a few seconds the GT-S5230 mobile icon should now appear at top right automatically..
Click on this to get a list of your phones folders and files.

Finally click on the My Computer symbol at top left to enable Drag and Drop in either direction...

I know I have been very fussy here but it worked for me.. maybe you can find short cuts in time...

Good Luck........
Try this link for samsung Corby

remember to uninstall any other versions, also restart your mobile
not connect the pc c3053 by pc studio
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hi there,

you will gt the pc suite from official samsung website

follow this link:

not connect the pc c3053 by pc studio to connect internet